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The Hang-Man's Tree




A muffled crack echoed high up in the trees of the forest, two hundred yards to east a shambling mound of what was once a man dropped to the ground missing most of its head. Scanning the area and locating another target the cross hairs laid over the flesh eaters head. The barrel of the rifle followed the decayed thing for a second then claimed it. The walking corpse took one step before dropping, as its head rolled past its feet. Strapping the rifle… Continue

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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones (7)

The sweet smell of treated oxygen floated into the room, goosebumps danced across his flesh as the soft hum of the A/C rattled off in the distance. Jerry laid there half asleep and half dead, or maybe he was dreaming he couldn't tell nor did he care. The bed under his body felt great and the lack of noise was what he wanted, he couldn't remember much about the car accident that put him in the hospital, but what he could recall seemed like a bad dream that happened to someone else over a…


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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones (6)

As the cursed stood there howling and cheering on the defeat of one, they soon realized the second piece of meat was not giving up so easily. Miguel leaped into the air towards a near by building then ran against the wall until he reached the roof top. Dropping to his stomach he covered his ears, the large victorious cursed that had seen the end of Marco grunted and barked at the others near him,…


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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones (5)

The midday sun eat through the morning overcast, visible rays of sunlighted spyed on the town like spotlights. It had been a long hard morning and the afternoon had decided to kick it up a notch. Two men stood back to back against one another as a hungry mass of the cursed closed in. The men were dressed in matching clothing, simple black jeans covered loosely by infrared-skin meshed chest armour. The chest piece was light-weight and helped the body to cool off and recycle water, plus it…


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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones (4)

As Jerry slept Belial watched him closely, keeping her eyes on the numerous medical machines she had him hooked up to. At one time she could have told you the name of each and what it was used for, but now she just remembered the important things about each one. The one with the dancing green line tells you if the heart is still beating, the one that spits out lined paper shows you how…


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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones (3)

Belial wheeled the canister onto the walkway that floated in the air, underneath them stood seven large vats full of salt water. Pushing the canister down to the first docking, she attached the cables and chains before heading over to the control…


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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones (2)

"Freezing can't move at…


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Broken Angels and Fallen Bones

Undead feast, as they tear upon your weak flesh

Terror builds, at the thought of being dead

Prophecy of the wisemen of old

Now comes true, as the corpses break the soil

Ancient spell breaks the sleep of the dead

"The Undead Will Feast - Cannibal Corpse"

The summer rain washed the dust covered streets, cleaning away the stains of blood,…


Added by Komrad Kolossus on June 23, 2010 at 6:50am — 1 Comment

The Human Shutter (part 2)

**note to the readers: sorry its a small installment but its all i really had time to add for now, got more coming soon I promise**

The emptyness of the highway swallowed them whole, the faint white passing lines that once indicated which lane was which even started to be echoes of their former selves. Ezra fiddled with the iPod scrolling through its contents, he slowly smiled when he found the song he had been looking for. Sunny jerked out of a dead sleep to the sound…


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The Human Shutter

**authors note: this will be an ongoing tale for Wicked Zombies only, I will be writting this as I take breaks from my current writting taskes or if i just need to clear my head. The title The Human Shutter is a inside joke that me and my recently lost cousin talked about and used often in refference to many things. It has countless meanings as you will see here in the following tale. Comments and asked are more then…


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A sample of the writting I have been doing thus far

**this part of the story has been re-written about 5 times now and this is the fourth of those steps I am sharing with you some of the things were changed in the final step but mostly just details**

Daniel stood near the edge of the bridge holding tightly to his play sheriff hat, the toy six-shooter cap gun laid heavily in its plastic holster. His eyes locked on the focal point of the road that was stretched out before him.

"It has to be this way Danny"…


Added by Komrad Kolossus on March 17, 2010 at 6:21am — 3 Comments

The Horde 2

"I see a line of cars and they're all painted black

With flowers and my love both never to come back

I see people turn their heads and quickly look away

Like a new born baby it just happens every day" The Rolling Stones

As they started to head home, the radar started to beep. It was showing a distress becon had been activated inside the city.

"Captain Daniels wants us to check this out" the pilots voice cracked over the headset. Nodding his head… Continue

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The Horde

"Oh, a storm is threat'ning

My very life today

If I don't get some shelter

Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away

War, children, it's just a shot away

It's just a shot away

War, children, it's just a shot away

It's just a shot away" - The Rolling Stones

Flying in low the whirling blades of the helicopter were drowned out inside his helmet by Mick Jagger's voice belting out Gimme Shelter. He kept his eyes closed as tight as he could, trying his… Continue

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The Countdown Ended 6



The girl whined over and over fighting with her brother Hector and me, she needed no wanted to see if her boyfriend was still at his apartment waiting for her to come home. I agrued with her that it was different with my parents they were stocked up and i had warned them when this all started, ot didn't help.

Hector grabbed her and shook her trying to get her to calm down

"DAMN… Continue

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The countdown ended 5

It had been three days since I left the saftey of my stone tower and picked up three new mouths to feed. After the night of the fire, we raced down to where my truck had been parked and hit the road. As we drove the girl told me how others where they were hidding had started to turn on each other killing anyone who didn't agree with the majority rule, it was the small and shy boy that filled me in on what they had tried to turn to as a food alternative. Hearing him convey that the idea of… Continue

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The Countdown Ended 4

As the second shadow over took telling me why they had come to here my hiding place the third figure who was still staying back in the brush jerked its head to the left and then ran in towards the door at full speed.


My hand reached up removed the noose and swung the door open the three of them came crashing into the room, it was Hector that paused and then jumped back to help me lock the make… Continue

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Faskination, obession, addiktion,unkontrollible lust

whoa whoa okay first get your minds outta the gutter please and wipe your feet

this here is about things we kan spend hours talking about, and things we kan get easily lost in.

For me there are only a few subjekts and i would like to share them so that maybe some of you might get to know me better ( and be klued in on some of my jokes as they get odder and odder)

I kan spend hours upon hours talking about kmics and not just be limited to those of the Marvel or D.C.… Continue

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A fun little Konvo I had this Weekend with a friend

So this weekend I visited with some friends one of whom is a "big movie buff" (yet he has never seen the boondock saints, Blood in Blood out bound by honor, of any of the Star Wars.. even the original 3) anyways. As we sat there enjoying our lunkh he onke again started to go on and on about the krow movies and how the last three were roughily thrown together just to make money and how they stole the limelight from part one ( let me say this real quikk i don't want to offend any of you here. I… Continue

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The Countdown Ended 3

Pushing myself as deep as I could into the shadows, my hand held the machete in a white knuckle grip. The footsteps got closer, and I could barely make out whispers… they were talking to each other but what the hell were they saying. I focused harder forcing the sound of the wind and my heart beat to be drowned out trying my best to lock on to their words.

“Are you sure you saw someone come up here, I mean 100% sure?”

“Yes, and he had three backpacks with him, he’s been…

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The Countdown Ended 2

As the night time air flowed through the small stone room, my mind wandered off and thought back. It had only been six days ago that I was on my way home from the store getting a few groceries and what not, nothing major just weekend supplies. When over the radio it was played the cheap annoying static ringing then the warning. I pulled over to listen, and that was my first mistake.



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