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Pushing myself as deep as I could into the shadows, my hand held the machete in a white knuckle grip. The footsteps got closer, and I could barely make out whispers… they were talking to each other but what the hell were they saying. I focused harder forcing the sound of the wind and my heart beat to be drowned out trying my best to lock on to their words.

“Are you sure you saw someone come up here, I mean 100% sure?”
“Yes, and he had three backpacks with him, he’s been hiding in here this whole time”

Shit they had known I was here, and they just let me stay here… anger started to pump into my blood stream.. They must be from the old grocery store across the road, they must think I’m either dead or doing better then they are. My mind raced with thoughts all of them were bad. I spun the machete back and forth murderous visions flashed before me.

“Do you think he’ll be able to help us?”

“We can only hope, the others have started to go crazy and I for one don’t wanna go back there!”

I leaned forward… they were here for help from me??

The makeshift door rattled a bit followed by under-breath cussing and swearing. Using my free hand I slipped the noose holding the door wedge loose and cracked the door a tiny bit and replace the noose back on the wedge. They weren’t as close as I had first thought but close for me to see their outlines tucked away and behind the brush around the tower.

“What do you want!?” my voice was no where near as angry or tough as I wish it had been, I sounded like a scared lost kid at the mall. Out of the three of them a man stepped forward, he was slightly overweight but carried it well.

“We saw you, a few days ago working on the truck down the way… are you gonna make a break for it?”

His voice was dry and he was almost out of breath, the other two must have run up ahead of him and then waited.

“My name’s Hector, we came here cause … cause..”

A second shadow stepped out and took over Hector’s dialogue “Look Mister!”

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Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on November 6, 2009 at 10:24pm
Use you Machete to help the People.


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