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The midday sun eat through the morning overcast, visible rays of sunlighted spyed on the town like spotlights. It had been a long hard morning and the afternoon had decided to kick it up a notch. Two men stood back to back against one another as a hungry mass of the cursed closed in. The men were dressed in matching clothing, simple black jeans covered loosely by infrared-skin meshed chest armour. The chest piece was light-weight and helped the body to cool off and recycle water, plus it also acted as a bullet proof vest and a great pillow.

"We're in trouble Marco".....

"I see that Miguel"

Marco's gripped tightened around his knife turning his knuckles white, he spit and grunted loudly trying to scare off the curse but it only seemed to make them think he was playing some sick twisted childhood game. They stood there mocking what they once were, almost possessing some echo of their former lives, the leader of the group moved in closer. Swatting away at the fragments and limbs of his own that had fallen in this battle of food. Miguel kept both his eyes on him, his muscling twitching as he waited for the right time to lash out and attack the first one that got to close. Marco spoke over his shoulder to Miguel "they're getting ready for a blitz attack" but before Miguel could reply the cursed launched the attack.

Seven rotten living corpses came flying at the men, moving faster then they thought possible, their howling screams filled the air and shook the ground. Miguel jumped straight up into the air, reaching behind his back and withdrawing a small glass orb he tossed it at the leader of the pack. The orb exploded, shardes of glass ripped through the leaders body causing him to stagger backwards. As the shards hit the ground they bounced back into the air reformed into an orb and went after another target. Pointing his finger Miguel yelled "There" and the orb followed its given directions.

Standing there alone facing three of the cursed Marco laughed and went in, slicing across the air violently as if dancing to a tune only he could hear. As they got closer Marco sped up his movements, quickly he tossed the knife in to the skull of the one on his left, then tackled the middle one hard. Pushing his body as deep as he could into the rotten muscle mass that stood before him, Marco wrapped his arms around the thing locked his figners behind its back sending them both to the ground. As the cursed one the right followed in pursit of his next meal, he was stunned to find that his brothern was now standing before him when a grin on his face. He howled out in victory shaking his hands in the air then turned to see what was going on with the second piece of meat.

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Comment by casecloser on July 3, 2010 at 2:00am
Howling Screams! Those Zombies sound like they can kick some ass!

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