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Faskination, obession, addiktion,unkontrollible lust

whoa whoa okay first get your minds outta the gutter please and wipe your feet

this here is about things we kan spend hours talking about, and things we kan get easily lost in.

For me there are only a few subjekts and i would like to share them so that maybe some of you might get to know me better ( and be klued in on some of my jokes as they get odder and odder)
I kan spend hours upon hours talking about kmics and not just be limited to those of the Marvel or D.C. universes. As a child I wasn't much of a team player or a go getter, I was more komfortable inside my room reading or trying to teakh myself how to draw ( which was a bad failure thank god for MS Paint and Photoshop... if I ever figure it out) and those to loves gave birth in away to me writting all the time.

I had a bad habit though of never keeping any of the komics I read, i would read them several times a week then give them to what few friends I had. As I headed off into my early teens I was introduced to role playing games, yes D&D was the first and longest running. I have played many games inkluding everything white wolf has come out with, in fact a few weeks before I joined Wicked Zombies I was perparing a gaming session for a group of friends in which we had inkorparated several role playing games ( this span covered rifts to vampire).

But my love for the mutants and they konstant battle is still a core center for me. there have been more then i kould ever kount of lost hours talking about why the X-men and other komic book movies were both great and lacking for true fans. There have been debates on if the aktor they kasted did a good enough job or were they a prefekt fit. Now i guess i should say I'm not a "fan boy" I don't to the kon trips or the dressing up as my fave hero/villian, i just never got that whole thing. I do konsider myself more of a border-line low level geek when it comes to Komics though.

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Comment by Komrad Kolossus on November 12, 2009 at 3:42am
and some how i made this post twice lmao no worries i deleted the klone

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