Wicked Zombies


"Freezing can't move at all

Screaming can't hear my call

I am dying to live

cry out

Trapped under ice" - trapped under ice - Metallica

The buzzing of the over-head lights danced in sync with thir flickering, reaching her arm up and tapping the side of one of the elongated tubes Belial put an end to it. The swirling sound of her hard drive coming to life filled the concrete windowless room. Three months ago she had went out and set up a few sensors at first they were to track the movement of the cursed but just last week they had starting picking up something else. They were to large to animals and moved to fast to be the cursed, it was this plus a few other signs she had seen that gave iron will to her belief that there were in fact other humans in the city hidding.

Sector 101 had the most traffic as of late, mostly at night and never for more then 30 minutes. She guessed that they had either set up a base camp close, that or they to had learned a few things about the livign dead like she did.

Sector 201 was empty and still more dead then the cursed walking the streets, it always was, what would you expet from a library. Not like there are people out there rushing to get the new number one best seller anymore. Granted she herself had brought home a few books when placing the sensor in the library, and had also tucked away a few bug-out supplies just in case.

Sector 301 had a few green lights mostly small mammals and a few red lights the dead nothing more.

Sipping her coffee and rum Belial leaned back over the chair cracked her neck and stood up. Of all the things in her routine here she hated being down here near the cold storage tanks, it was like playing with the cursed's food supply. Walking into the first chamber she zipped up her bio-suit and headed on in to the the second chamber. There along the north wall were over 30 bodies all freshly frozen in deep cryonics.

"Stupid people, trying to cheat death only to become dinner"

She had felt bad for the first two times she defrosted one of these people only to use them as a frozen dinner for the cursed but after hse found all thier files she didn't care. Everyone in this one unit was either dying, had some uncureable condition, or worse was filthy rich.

"Fuck 'em they're all lambs to the slaughter now"

Wheeling out container AHG-13 she read the label on the side

"Well Jerry I hope you enjoyed your nap for the last 30 years its time to wake up"

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