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**authors note: this will be an ongoing tale for Wicked Zombies only, I will be writting this as I take breaks from my current writting taskes or if i just need to clear my head. The title The Human Shutter is a inside joke that me and my recently lost cousin talked about and used often in refference to many things. It has countless meanings as you will see here in the following tale. Comments and asked are more then welkomed.**

September 15, 2018

"I rode a tank
Held a general's rank
When the Blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank " - Sympathy for the Devil * The Rolling Stones

Kross walked over and stood at the base of the hill, looking down at his feet and noticing the bloos stains that now covered his jump boots. A small and chilling breeze rushed against his back forcing him to look up and see the last truck pull away, he raised his hand and waved good-bye. The sun settled into the bosom of night, draging the makeshift camo Kross covered the foot path and headed up the hill. Sitting under the rather large and dominating mesquite tree that claimed itself king of the mountain Alec could hear Kross approaching.

"Heavy footsteps my brother" Alec snickered and looked at Kross, they both had an unusual friendship born out of rivalry and hatred, but forged in the everlasting bounds of survival. Alec laid his journey down and withdrew his cigarette case and fetched out two smokes.

"Heavy burdens make them so brother" His voice was deep and carried, Kross never needed to speak loud or clearly, even as a child when he spoke people listened. If his mother had had her way Kross would have been singing Opera at age 13 when his voice got deeper. It was his father who made damn sure the boy would never end up doing something so gay as he put it and took a knife to Kross's face. "After all" his father said "who would pay to see a mug like that".. "Heavy burdens make them so" Kross sat down across from Alec and took the offered smoke, enjoying the taste of cherry flavoured tabacoo he exhaled softly and rested.

The stars started to dance and shine in the night sky as the two friends made camp under the tree 25 feet below them on the meadow hidden out of sight by the small hill, the other laid asleep in their tents. The day had been hard for everyone, so many things were destroyed, lost and missing that all anyone wanted to do was sleep. Kross and Alec both knew this camp site was safe for at least six days, they had already agreed on letting everyone rest for five before breaking ground.

1600 Miles Away:

The four cargo trucks flew down the highway their headlights only showing the rapidly passing white line. The roaring engines ripped the gently night in half as the thudding bumps oif the fresh tire tread followed. Once they were out of the hill country and back on the open road, they went from single file to side by side. Increasing thier speed the trucks flew through the first three small towns and started their finaly decent upon the city. Gripping the wheel turning his knucles white Sunny smiled. The co-pilot Ezra grabbed the cb radio and started to speak.

"it is now time

we strike hard

we strike to kill

we leave nothing behind

God save not us but our brothers and sisters left behind"

The four trucks went in sperate directions as they hit the first major highway, blasting thier horns and turning off thier headlights. The element of surprise wasn't fully lost and the element of shock had just been gained. As they got deeper into downtown Ezra reached down and ripped the cb out of the truck, no more communication to each other everyone knew their job, Sunny laughed as they saw the first break of flase sunlight then heard and felt the cracking boom. "That was Bishops payload" Ezra nodded hitting the main interstate they drove out of the city and headed off to thier target.

Camp Ground Zero:

Kross was standing at the river double checking the progess of the fishing, instead what he found was the first sign that they had lucked out. A few of the younger men in the group had set up and few barriers using old and worn out rain coats and had attached them to branches. Making a sort of bank tellers line forcing the fish to swim through and right into the waiting nets. The four men were busying cleaning and gutting the fresh morning catch as Kross came closer to them.

"Great job guys, I mean it you saved us time and trouble here" peter was the first to speak

"thanks we just got the idea last night and toyed with it this morning, the only down side to it is that the rain coats we used won't last long or be much good for anything else."

Kross nodded "Well its a good thing I have extra slickers, body bags and tents we can use, you boys just became offical fishermen, you've got a great haul for breakfast" Kross got down in the water next to them and started helping in the cleaning and gutting of the fish. He was more then happy to help out and enjoyed working up a good sweat before breakfast.

Alec awoke in the midday sun and stretched as he left his tent, the scent of food filled the air and his stomach growled for it. "First things first" he mumbled to himself. reaching the top of the hill and the base of the tree Alec sat down leaned against it and looked out over the camp. It had been two days of rest and light duty, scanning the horizon he could see a storm heading in thier direction they had maybe seven hours before the rains would hit. He got up dusted off his pants and headed off to get some food and let Kross know what was heading towards them.

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