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As Jerry slept Belial watched him closely, keeping her eyes on the numerous medical machines she had him hooked up to. At one time she could have told you the name of each and what it was used for, but now she just remembered the important things about each one. The one with the dancing green line tells you if the heart is still beating, the one that spits out lined paper shows you how the heart is beating, the in-mouth air hose keeps you breathing. Not she had ever lost an unfreeze before, it was just sometimes after using her gift they back to life much different then people should be.

Jerry would remain here in bed in this small and heavily locked room for three more days, then it would be time to see if he would end up fast food or keep the cursed occupied in a good chase. When Belial had first started using the cryo-people as a way to distract the curse she thought it was wrong. But now days she didn't care anymore a majority of them had been in there for over 30 years and the right way to bring them back only worked once in a great while. Pulling the door closed and sealing the locks Belial headed down the hallway and out into the new day.

Her heavy boots clanked and rattled the catwalk as she made her way to the tower, there she sat down, leaned back and relaxed. Below her the cursed hadn't started to move just yet... in fact the whole area was dead silent. Pulling herself up and pulling out the small mobile monitor she started to scan the area cameras. Her eyes widened in amazement, not one camera showed on of the cursed anywhere near her, she started searching the ones that lead farther out into the town and farther still. When she reached camera 36C she found them. The visions that glowed in front of her made Belial jump to her feet and back down the catwalk.

*the screen lands and hits the cold iron catwalk showing undead littering the streets and in the center of that there are 8 more circling two men standing back to back**

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Comment by Komrad Zombie Slayer☭ on June 30, 2010 at 1:20pm
I am keeping track of your blog entries and I am enjoying reading everyone!

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