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A muffled crack echoed high up in the trees of the forest, two hundred yards to east a shambling mound of what was once a man dropped to the ground missing most of its head. Scanning the area and locating another target the cross hairs laid over the flesh eaters head. The barrel of the rifle followed the decayed thing for a second then claimed it. The walking corpse took one step before dropping, as its head rolled past its feet. Strapping the rifle to her back and grabbing the handle of the rig, Jessie kicked off away from the perch she had made here and flew across the tree tops on her zipline back towards the ranger station. Five years ago her father had moved the whole family out here to leave and try to be safe from plague that covered the Earth. He had started working as a Park Ranger ten years before the outbreak and had been what most back then called a prepper. He ran ziplines between the four tallest stations and built several make shift tree houses through out the park. He also had had the four sight to stock pile each location with can goods, ammo and other supplies. She remembered how several of the locals called her dad crazy and would taunt them when he wasnt around. They did so much to her and her brothers, that when the day had come and world started to fall apart. And the locals came to them for help, she didnt cry or hesitate when she opened fired on the small crowd. It wasnt an act of vengeance or cruelty, to her she was preserving the quality of life for her family and protecting them from people who in her mind would have turned on them at the first chance.

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Comment by Komrad Kolossus on October 25, 2014 at 2:24pm
The week faded in and out, like when you're trying to force yourself to stay awake to watch a television show and with each blink of the eye you lost 20 minutes. The group was still in the woods and had surprisingly been more focused and dedicated then she had first given them credit for. Nestled up in the thick canopy of the trees she watched as the day began for them on the ground.

Two of the men went to check dead falls and traps, another two went to the river to check the fishing lines. 5 minutes after each of the pair of men left two women followed. They were traveling light just their clothing, a machete and some other random weapons they had made or come across.

"That's pretty smart, living shadows" the idea this group had come up with intrigued her. She watched closer and decided tomorrow morning she would introduce herself to them.
Comment by Komrad Kolossus on August 23, 2014 at 3:59pm
A northwest wind rolled in as the morning faded off and afternoon took its lead. Sitting up on the roof of the watch station, peering through her binoculars. In the distance down by the river there was a small band of survivors, they had stood their ground and cleared a good place to set up. They had no idea she was watching them or that in the trees just above their camp, hidden high in the canopy, wherr more then enough supplies for them to try and build something here. After one of the waves the men in the group had started building a fence and digging a trench. While what women and young men were in their fold stood gaurd or searched for food.

Standing up and sliding the binoculars back into her hip pack she decided that if the group some how survived the next week or so she would give them some supplies. Something to help them protect themselves and prepare food, but no chance in hell would she give them anything they could try to use against her. Guns and ammo were out she needed everything she had.
Comment by Komrad Scarlet Zombie☭ on August 23, 2014 at 10:27am
Makes me want more you little tease tease!

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