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**note to the readers: sorry its a small installment but its all i really had time to add for now, got more coming soon I promise**

The emptyness of the highway swallowed them whole, the faint white passing lines that once indicated which lane was which even started to be echoes of their former selves. Ezra fiddled with the iPod scrolling through its contents, he slowly smiled when he found the song he had been looking for. Sunny jerked out of a dead sleep to the sound of Peter Steele screaming out, rubbing his eyes he leered over at Ezra "this early in the morning come on man i need sleep!" Sunny huffed and sighed then rolled over, the large and deep bellows of Erzas laugh drowned out the song as Erza turned the radio down. They had been driving for two weeks now and were near their target they stopped here for one last nights rest. They did have a simple mission set out before them like some of the others did, no had a risky one, no simple "go blow this up and try not to die". They had to go and actually live through this event to many people were depending on them to return with their goal reached and their teasure secured.

"Fine you sleep, I'll go check on the guys" clipping the headphones into the iPod Erza walked out of the hotel room they had accquired just hours ago and headed down the hallway. This hotel had once been the main attraction of the town they were in and now it was nothing but a cheap clone of the ancient ruins. Time and the events of the world had taken all the glamour away and left this bleek husk behind. As he entered the lobby he could smell the scent of roasting meat and hear the men laughing away.

Camp Outlook

Kross stood in the small room surrounded by darkness, he was awoken by the of breaking glass. Standing there in complete silence he waited and listened. Creeping across the floor and to the door of his sleeping chamber he laid his hand palm side down on the wall and took a slow deep breathe. Centering his thoughts, he could bearly hear the voice of the interuders in his home. Pushing his back up against the wall he waited as they got closer.

"shhhh he might hear us"

"theres no way he can hear us I told you i drugged him he's out like a light"

"then lets make this quick, we go in, and get what we need and...

"kill kross"

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