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The Countdown Ended 6



The girl whined over and over fighting with her brother Hector and me, she needed no wanted to see if her boyfriend was still at his apartment waiting for her to come home. I agrued with her that it was different with my parents they were stocked up and i had warned them when this all started, ot didn't help.

Hector grabbed her and shook her trying to get her to calm down

"DAMN… Continue

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The countdown ended 5

It had been three days since I left the saftey of my stone tower and picked up three new mouths to feed. After the night of the fire, we raced down to where my truck had been parked and hit the road. As we drove the girl told me how others where they were hidding had started to turn on each other killing anyone who didn't agree with the majority rule, it was the small and shy boy that filled me in on what they had tried to turn to as a food alternative. Hearing him convey that the idea of… Continue

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The Countdown Ended 4

As the second shadow over took telling me why they had come to here my hiding place the third figure who was still staying back in the brush jerked its head to the left and then ran in towards the door at full speed.


My hand reached up removed the noose and swung the door open the three of them came crashing into the room, it was Hector that paused and then jumped back to help me lock the make… Continue

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Faskination, obession, addiktion,unkontrollible lust

whoa whoa okay first get your minds outta the gutter please and wipe your feet

this here is about things we kan spend hours talking about, and things we kan get easily lost in.

For me there are only a few subjekts and i would like to share them so that maybe some of you might get to know me better ( and be klued in on some of my jokes as they get odder and odder)

I kan spend hours upon hours talking about kmics and not just be limited to those of the Marvel or D.C.… Continue

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A fun little Konvo I had this Weekend with a friend

So this weekend I visited with some friends one of whom is a "big movie buff" (yet he has never seen the boondock saints, Blood in Blood out bound by honor, of any of the Star Wars.. even the original 3) anyways. As we sat there enjoying our lunkh he onke again started to go on and on about the krow movies and how the last three were roughily thrown together just to make money and how they stole the limelight from part one ( let me say this real quikk i don't want to offend any of you here. I… Continue

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The Countdown Ended 3

Pushing myself as deep as I could into the shadows, my hand held the machete in a white knuckle grip. The footsteps got closer, and I could barely make out whispers… they were talking to each other but what the hell were they saying. I focused harder forcing the sound of the wind and my heart beat to be drowned out trying my best to lock on to their words.

“Are you sure you saw someone come up here, I mean 100% sure?”

“Yes, and he had three backpacks with him, he’s been…

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The Countdown Ended 2

As the night time air flowed through the small stone room, my mind wandered off and thought back. It had only been six days ago that I was on my way home from the store getting a few groceries and what not, nothing major just weekend supplies. When over the radio it was played the cheap annoying static ringing then the warning. I pulled over to listen, and that was my first mistake.



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