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Photos, other cool things in the works!

just wanted to announce that i've got some photoshoots coming up as part of some artistic endeavors i'm working on and i can't wait to show you guys!!

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Killed it

hey, everyone!!

long time, trying to spend more time here lately!!

just wanted to let everyone to know that i'm killing the story i was writing. i found a series of books that basically told a freakishly similar story, so i'm not gonna continue mine.

that said, i'm currently revamping the entire thing into a more cyberpunk horror story.


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Back Online, News and Updates

hey, komrads!

i'm finally back online on a more permanent basis, so expect me to be around to chat and participate in the group more often.

the last year has been a rather insane one for me, for more reasons that i really should get into right now, heh.  for the most part, 'blue skies burning', Case's Transmissions, and the game under development are still on hiatus until further notice.  the entire project has become too overwhelming and i'm just not ready to…


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Rules of Engagement

ROE is a funny thing.  it's usually dictated to us by politicians in support of some far fetched and completely unrealistic agenda.  but politicians don't wage war, warriors do.  i've worked with guys that fought in the middle easterna conflicts that told me stories of utterly asinine rules on how they were supported to fight their battles.  fucked up shit, man.  

lucky for me, my first combat experience was in Siberia and our government wanted nothing more than to win.  fortunately,…


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Waiting for the rain to stop (exert)

i lay in the bed of a dark room, staring into the deeper darkness beyond the doorway several meters from the foot of my bed.  it felt like an eternity that i laid motionless, my eyes trying to pierce the shadows before they finally parted, like a curtain between my world and one i wished i didn't know was real.

the zombie that stepped through the door had to be ten feet tall.  it had to bend over to fit into the room.  the revenant's clothes were in tatters, its head skinless,…


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Business District

My unit rotated in to clearing the business district of downtown Chicago last week.  Combat units work on 1 of 4 different rotations- Security, Civilian Escort, Suburban Ops, Urban Ops, for a month or so before being reassigned.  it's supposed to prevent burnout and keep us on our toes.  It remains to be seen how effective it is.  So far, I've only been on Sweep and Clear Operations.  

Remember how much i bitched about standard urban ops dealing with Romeo?  I should've kept my…


Added by Specialist Case on July 17, 2014 at 8:59am — 2 Comments

who wants more?

ok, i'm back for now and ready for more.  the question is, are YOU?  i got plenty of stories to tell, but does anyone want to read them?  show me you want to hear more!

Added by Specialist Case on July 17, 2014 at 2:33am — 3 Comments

Updated Intel from Operational Reports

ok, first things first.  our intel gathering op was a massive butt fucking catastrophe.  we failed our mission, lost half of the squad, and had to fight our way out of one of the worst cluster fucks i've yet been privy to.  but i'm on the clock, so that story will have to wait until another time.

we found out afterwards that we were just one of several teams attempting untested methods of getting Romeo into those creepy ass labs we're not allowed to enter.  quite a few never…


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Call me Cleo... Miss Cleo. Dial the # on the screen, 4.99 for a 10 min consultation....

fucking hell... i knew it.  didn't i just fucking predict what was coming?  got the orders an hour ago along with an hour long briefing from some lab monkey.

the last few days we spent working our way around the wall, checking for problems.  and there were some fucked up problems.  strange fucking shit going down around this city.  i can't believe some of the shit we ran into... shit with no logical explanation, shit that scares the hell out of all of us.  we were told not to…


Added by Specialist Case on April 18, 2014 at 3:46am — 1 Comment

The Learning Curve behind Revenant Urban Warfare

structural and interior clearing ops have been placed on hold indefinitely.

street clearing ops have been placed on hold indefinitely.

not just because we almost lost the goddamned wall around city.  and not just because we almost lost it in 2 places.  no, it's HOW we almost lost it.

fuck... was a god awful fucking night.  if i suddenly cease transmissions, it's not because i'm dead, it's because i fucking swear the next fucker that kicks us out…


Added by Specialist Case on April 16, 2014 at 10:24am — 1 Comment

Urban Warfare Operations Engaging Revenants- Phase 1: The Tactical Drive By

goddamn! some days i really love my fucking job.  so we're still in the middle of locking down chicago, il.  sappers have set up a wall around the entire city.  nothing gets in, nothing gets out without our say so.  the navy and coast guard are constantly patrolling the rivers and lakes.  the evacuation procedures have officially ended, although we expect to recover hold outs barricaded here and there.  now we can fucking get this party started.

urban ops are fucking scary, man.  you…


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The Mutation

Blue Skies Burning- Empires On Fire


The Return plus 8 weeks

Continental United States - Illinois

Somewhere in Downtown Chicago


effects from the fine edge

Lightning lashes Across The Abyss


Added by Specialist Case on April 6, 2014 at 2:30pm — 7 Comments

Seizure of the Windy City and Strategic Briefing

          Downtown Chicago took 4 weeks to clear before we started moving to clear the surrounding areas.  Chicago officially returned to normal three days later while cleaning crews were still operating.  Business began as usual even though beyond the slowly expanding walls of our perimeters, hell raged throughout the world.

          We learned the internet had only been down two weeks.  The world starts crashing down around us and somewhere, it's a priority to keep survivors from…


Added by Specialist Case on March 21, 2014 at 10:01am — 4 Comments

Fuck Snow, Fuck Zombies and most of all Fuck Max Brooks! Part 3: Max Brooks

ok... so if you've read part 1, you might be wondering why i've got a sudden hard-on for this author.  well, i'm gonna fucking tell you.  The Zombie Survival Guide started making the rounds in the weeks following the 'outbreak'.  we weren't getting briefed on the threat and we were in desperate need of intel.  unfuckingfortunately, this book not only didn't give anything useful, it's probably responsible for an obscenely high number of deaths- indirectly adding to our adversaries numbers.…


Added by Specialist Case on March 13, 2014 at 12:33am — 9 Comments

Fuck Snow, Fuck Zombies and most of all Fuck Max Brooks! Part 1: Snow

In the Infantry, you grow accustomed to something working against you at all times.  SOMETHING will fuck up when everything else is in your favor.  currently for us, that something is snow.  motherfucking snow.  i grew up in Texas, where snow is a novelty you see in tiny amounts every few years.  my time in Siberia was spent below the snow line during the cold months.  this is my first winter dealing with catastrophic fucking levels of snow.  and i'm spending it in the fucking Windy City…


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Evac Security Detail at Evacuation Center 21 Clark/Division

So yeah... anyway, get flown into the city via Blackhawks.  The first time I laid eyes on the city was at dusk coming in from the southwest, there were columns of smoke from some pretty bad fires here and there.  Coming over the highway at two hundred feet made it pretty easy to see blood splattering the miles of totaled cars, bodies everywhere, people running around, screaming while Romeos ran them down.  Saw that probably a dozen times before we reached our objective.  



Added by Specialist Case on January 3, 2014 at 4:40pm — 2 Comments

Notes from Ground Zero in the Ural Mountains and some Phase III Evacuation

We recently finished evacuating downtown Chicago, IL and the next outer ring of the city.  It's my first time in the Windy City and my first time back to the US in almost a year.  Fourth Division was scrambled sometime between 'holy shit, you're joking' and 'life isn't worth living if i have to be awake right now' hours during the night, told we had thirty mikes to pack our gear, personal effects and weapons and rushed onto a plane.  Not one of those cozy commercial flights, either.  Nah,…


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Just Another Soldier... Not just another war...

My name is Specialist Case.  Some of my colleagues and superiors call me Rodent.  I'd have to check my tags for my first name, I haven't had one for longer than I can remember.  I am thirty years old.  And I'm an active duty soldier.

I guess you'd be surprised to know your government still have a very active and stable military gauging from what I've read.  We've got new missions now, but we're still very much around.  And extremely busy.

Rumors of 'less than ideal' behavior…


Added by Specialist Case on November 17, 2013 at 1:33pm — 4 Comments

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In all actuality, when the time comes where we would have to defend ourselves against any sort of undead creature, I truly believe that our best bet would be to post on this page as often as we can so as to find any and all survivors. As well I will be posted on an island (we haven't been shown that zombies can in fact swim) with a way back to the mainland, plenty of food and water, and internet to boot. If there is anyone interested in joining me message me for the coordinates within the…


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