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Call me Cleo... Miss Cleo. Dial the # on the screen, 4.99 for a 10 min consultation....

fucking hell... i knew it.  didn't i just fucking predict what was coming?  got the orders an hour ago along with an hour long briefing from some lab monkey.

the last few days we spent working our way around the wall, checking for problems.  and there were some fucked up problems.  strange fucking shit going down around this city.  i can't believe some of the shit we ran into... shit with no logical explanation, shit that scares the hell out of all of us.  we were told not to say a word about what we saw, what we found, just to have sappers fix it and keep moving.

took nearly a week to secure, verify, secure again, verify again and confirm the integrity of the entire fucking wall.  we were just coming off the last section, having spent nearly twelve hours fighting Romeo so the engineers could repair some trouble spots at about 2100 when the sappers officially declared the entire structure intact and reinforced.  the rest of our squad headed straight to our assigned quarters while i rode with hester to accompany the Stryker crew back to the motorpool, so the two of us were alone when we entered our company base ops, a junior high or high school converted for military use.  staff sergeant barrett, our platoon sergeant, was waiting for us.

son of a bitch told us division command had something special they needed done and had picked us for the job.  the fucker even made it sound like we were 'chosen for the honor' the whole time with this smug ass look on his face the whole time.  then he made us inform the rest of the squad they had get to their boots back on and head to the briefing room, just to let everyone know that we were the reason why without having to tell them himself.  so yeah, the squad wasn't happy to hear that we had a special briefing to attend just after we got back from a mission.

so we get this lecture from this lab coat from some special government science program about all the possibilities from hardcore researching 'undamaged specimens of the afflicted'.  that's an actual quote, btw.  our squad leader finally interrupted him and basically told him that we didn't need convincing to do anything, we're soldiers, we do what we're told.

that finally got him down to business.  the reason only 1 squad was given the assignment was because these smart motherfuckers weren't exactly sure if the plans they'd come up with would work.  they needed someone to test it in the field.  

so not only were we fucked in getting the job, but we were fucked with having to do a job nobody knew whether or not it would work.  the whole clusterfuck got better by the minute.... 

the kicker was the outline- 2 unlucky sons a bitches go in the open to do the actual work, while the rest of the squad performed other jobs, like security and whatnot, from a safe place.  because of how serious the lab coat was about not killing, maiming or damaging our catch, the guys on the ground weren't allowed weapons.  they'd have to rely on the security guys to take care of any problems with that.

wanna guess who barrett volunteered for the shit detail on this op?

we mount up in 15 mikes.  i've never wanted to get out something so bad in my entire fucking life.  i don't want to do this.  but i bail, hester goes in with someone else.  and i can't let him go out there without watching his back.  someone's gotta do the work no one else wants, right?  i just hope it's fucking worth it.

if i don't post anything in the next 24, things didn't go as planned and hopefully i took a round through the skull...

keep hard, people.  if we pull this off, i'll feed ya'll some top shelf intel before it's made public.  wish us luck, we're doing this for you.

-Specialist Case

4th BCT, 4th ID


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Comment by MALICE☭ on April 21, 2014 at 9:46am
Good Luck Specialist and God Bless.

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