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There was no plague. Apparently, people seem to forget that. Truth is, it had to have been happening long before we knew about it. I mean, how else do you have a worldwide outbreak happening like clockwork?

I can’t tell you what it was like, I don’t remember. Perks of my ‘condition’, as it were. I can tell you know what I’ve learned, about the attacks, about the aftermath. Everything I know is based on the reports though. I’ll have to upload some of the basic intel briefing reports the lab rats gave everyone. Not the old ones, I mean, the newest ones.

What’s strange is that the more time goes on, I can remember specific things; books, movies, other shit, but nothing relevant to who I was. Saint calls them ‘residuals of our past lives’. I remembered zombie movies and spent an entire night laughing to myself.

You’d think with a culture so obsessed with the topic, humanity would’ve been better prepared, right? Well, on some levels we were, the military apparently had a great response time but most people lost their collective shit.

Here’s the thing about Revenants though, the thing that took a while for everyone to catch on to: not all bites will turn a person. See, Revenants are ‘created’ by a parasite, not a contagion. Revenants decide some people are food and others are not. How and why, no one knows.

They don’t rot either, they just mutate over time. There’s 3 catalogued stages of them. The first is what you typically think of when you think ‘zombie’: shambling, slow, awkward. Class 1 Organism 1 is their formal designation, but informally, we call them, ‘Ghouls’. Class 1 Organism 2 is their next stage, ‘Shades’. Revenant is usually what we call stage 3. Each mutation makes them more and more deadly.

Ghouls go down only with a headshot or blunt force trauma. Shades will take a controlled pair center mass and drop though. Has to do with the parasite, you’ll have to read the reports for a better explanation. Full on Revenants will take either, but only either with several rounds or high caliber. They’ve got thickened bones and skins.

You ready for the kicker?

Seems we’ve killed significantly more than there should be, accordingly to the powers that be. How’s that for fucked up? Apparently Reclamation Teams evac areas with populations of x, exterminate y amount of Revenants and the z of dead or missing reported doesn’t add up. By thousands in most cases.

There’s no fucking way that’s a good thing, right?

I’ll see if I can’t find some reports to upload. Maybe I’ll get around to telling you about some of the other creatures out there while I’m at it. It’s a long list, so it might take a while.

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Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on August 23, 2020 at 6:18pm

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