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About You?
Um well i love halloween and anything that has to do with it i listen to anytype of music but mostly rock i don't like liars and preps or people who think they know it all WEBN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! SethMacfarland is the best animation dude in the worldand tales of the crypt rocks i'm addicted to dancedancerevolution and guitar hero and rock band i love animals and i have 8 of them 2 snakes 2 cats and 4dogs ha ha but if you like paranormal stuff and like to talk about it i'm the girl to talk to i'm wiccan and 18 in october Awesome!!!!!!!!! oh and mel brooks and leslie nelson are awesome too. AND I'M BISEXUAL!!!!!
My Opinion Of How/When And/Or What "Z-Day" Will Be...
HOLY SHIT !!!!!!!!! YOU MEAN THAT HASN'T HAPPENED YET???? No seriously it wil happen soon just think SWINE FLU IS KILLING US ALL!!!!!!!
In The First Hours Of "Z-Day" I Would Go...
My Ideal Weapon(s) To Use During "Z-Day"...
Other Than Zombies I Would Have To Worry About...

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bleeding sins >-<</body>


the feeling you have when you want what another person has,


anger you have when somebody gives you sass,


also overindulgence,

yet these are just three of those seven deadly words that, if you believe in heaven,will prevent you from going,


heaven(if real) must be pretty damn empty,

because everyone sins,

even those damn preachers that give you a headache two minutes into their sermons,

so with all these… Continue

Posted on October 21, 2009 at 6:52pm


You say without thinking,

You see without looking,

Invisible I feel,

My heart you did steal,

And yet do you even feel,

The pain I feel so real,

Maybe its my heart,

Telling me not to start,

With the feelings of being alone,

For my feelings for you have turned to stone,

So do you see me?,

Or am I Invisible?,

You try to push me away,

Like all your other friends,

But even if you can't see me,

I will always be there,

So… Continue

Posted on July 21, 2009 at 7:47pm — 1 Comment

The Reaper (a poem)

He seeks you out when your time has come,

Slithering towards you like a begging bum,

No matter how you hide,

He feels the fear inside,

and feeds upon your life,

Drawing and consuming all your strife,

He intensifies your pain,

As if it was all a game,

His sickle in his hand,

And his body floating above land,

He reaps your soul out of your body and leaves the shell to rotten,

And the he takes it for a ride upon his trail of bones… Continue

Posted on July 21, 2009 at 4:17pm — 1 Comment

Death Roses (a poem)

Death could come upon us at anytime,

Yet do we care?

For those of us who live for thrills,

Or hurt others to make us feel more important,

We don't even know when it happens,

As our sick twisted minds wrap around the fact that we're dying,

We only remember the scent of roses,

Blood roses,

Those thorny sweet smelling plants of myths that you only smell when dying a slow and torturous death,

As we go into the white light we only hear the sound of our… Continue

Posted on July 21, 2009 at 3:30pm

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At 7:30am on November 28, 2013, KOMRAD RHINO☭ said…

Welcome back Komrad. You have been missed.

At 8:23pm on October 10, 2011, Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ said…
Happy Birthday!
At 12:24am on October 9, 2011, KOMRAD RHINO☭ said…


At 6:56pm on June 20, 2011, Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ said…
Have a Wicked Zombies week...
At 7:02pm on June 14, 2011, Komrad Scarlet Zombie☭ said…
At 11:28pm on April 26, 2011, Komrad Kommissar Fennek said…

the title "Komrad" is not one to be taken lightly-it is a right, a badge of honor only given to those who have earned it-do not find yourself lacking in duty or dedikation,for the title will be taken-do your part Komrad-we stand on the frontier of the realization of our Kause


At 12:06pm on December 25, 2010, Wicked Death☭ said…
Let's be NAUGHTY and save Santa the trip......WICKED WAYS!
At 10:22am on December 25, 2010, Komrad Mercenary☭ said…
At 3:15pm on November 18, 2010, Wicked Death☭ said…
Dear Friend,

I know this is a frightful imposition and one really should not be bothering you at a time like this...

I need to ask you an awfully big favor dear friend,...

I really don't like to ask you such a thing ..

I know you do such alot for me already and I really wouldn't ask unless I was absolutely desperate...

But could I possibly borrow your face?

Wickedly Waiting,
Wicked Ways
At 9:57am on November 12, 2010, Wicked Death☭ said…
Find your WICKED WAYS this weekend.

Raped by the dead, bent over at the grave,
I attack from behind, and you drop your precious roses.
Your warmth rouses me, the hunger burns within
and I laugh at your screams as I tear away your clothing.

Man, Woman, means nothing to me,
I violate their holes, rape the living equally.
When the act's completed, I spill my stinking goo
and as I pull away my rotting cock breaks off in you.

Screams! We Breed! The bitch is oozing with seed
The orgy will not stop, until every corpse has ravaged your twat
We are many and writhing with lust, hate and reek of disgust
Every hole will be torn, battered and dripping with fluids before we are

We are going to hurt you. We are going to fuck you.
We are going to eat you, while you're still alive.
We will sodomize you, tear the insides from you.
We will fuck your ruptured flesh, as you beg to die.

Untold millennia of breeding, a most hideous evolution.
New forms of life after death, and a lust that can never be killed.
We rise from mouldering graves, to beat, to rape and devour you.
Our need can never be sated. Your flesh can never endure our love.


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"Z" day

In all actuality, when the time comes where we would have to defend ourselves against any sort of undead creature, I truly believe that our best bet would be to post on this page as often as we can so as to find any and all survivors. As well I will be posted on an island (we haven't been shown that zombies can in fact swim) with a way back to the mainland, plenty of food and water, and internet to boot. If there is anyone interested in joining me message me for the coordinates within the…


Posted by SkarekRow Of Man on December 2, 2019 at 5:49pm — 3 Comments

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