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The Learning Curve behind Revenant Urban Warfare

structural and interior clearing ops have been placed on hold indefinitely.

street clearing ops have been placed on hold indefinitely.

not just because we almost lost the goddamned wall around city.  and not just because we almost lost it in 2 places.  no, it's HOW we almost lost it.

fuck... was a god awful fucking night.  if i suddenly cease transmissions, it's not because i'm dead, it's because i fucking swear the next fucker that kicks us out of our bunks for some massive incident, i'm just gonna shot the motherfucker right in the goddamned face.  NOTHING good has ever come out of those times.  whatever Romeo is up to at 3 fucking 30 in the morning that's not within a hundred yards of me can wait the fucking hour until lights on.  if he wants whatever it is that he's motivated enough to get up earlier than us (and NOBODY gets up earlier than us) then i say he can have it.  at least until 430 when i'm actually awake enough to beat death back into him.

well, we're way more fucked than we thought.  we started turning this 'phenomena' (yeah, the white coat guys actually call it that) around and in good fucking order on top of it.  we ride around a bit, kick in a few doors and any person we find snapping their jaws and moving like an extra in fucking marilyn manson video get's hammered on the spot, boom... we're done.  they were giving us 12 to 18 month projected estimates on having the whole continent locked down and running more smoothly than it ever did before.  and yeah, before you ask... last night completely clusterfucked that entire outline.

we're basically back to square one.  which isn't bad, honestly.  hell, it's every infantryman's wet dream, haha.  we go look for the enemy and murder fuck him back to hell.  bag a respectable count, call it a day, enjoy a contraband alcoholic beverage.  but no, even square one is back to square motherfucking one.

last night our base ops went full fucking retard panic, and had us on the road before we were told what the fuck we awake for the begin with.... which sounds a little familiar.  turns out, the intel units were monitoring activity not only doing our mounted ass stomping deliveries, but they kept a fuck ton of surveillance overhead and online to see if they could measure our effectiveness against the larger Revenant population.  it was actually kinda cool that they did, otherwise, i might not be here right now.

so sometime after we clocked out, Romeo get's the idea in his undead ass that they don't have to take kind of shit from us and they start getting together over the next several hours to do whatever those fuckers do when there's no people to harass.

go ahead, ask.  oh, you don't want play that game?  ok... how many Revenants would your guess got together in the aftermath of our little neighborhood watch thing?  how about all of them.  yes, i said ALL of them still walled inside the city were by all accounts feeling a little sore about what we did and decide they wanted words with us.  except they don't have words, they have mouths.  and they were cool with just eating us, turns out.

so every fucking Romeo within the city gets together and- check this shit out- they split up and one heads north and the other goes south.  because that's where the only gates into and out of the city are located.  we were assigned to North Gate.

and seeing as how we did ok just that day with the whole idea, they sent us back into the city to engage Romeo long enough to add extra layers to wall and get every fucking gun in the tri-state area elevated to fire over the barrier.

now, even though we still don't have an official list of people that were unaccounted for after the evacuations, the rough population when everything went to hell was pushing 3 fucking million.  even if only 10% of the population decided to hang around and give the whole 'taste for human flesh' thing a try, that's still 300,000 people.  in those terms, after an exact division by 2, that equals 150,000 motherfucking zombies.  if our division were at full strength, which it isn't, we would've been working with 10,000 soldiers TOTAL, and only less than half of that number is combat skilled.  so... in that situation, every single combat soldier would need to kill 300 zombies for us to have achieved victory.  but there were whole fucking lot less than 5,000 combat ready soldiers last night and whole lot fucking more than 150,000 Revenants tearing through the city coming for our sorry asses.

and the plan we were following at that moment in time involved throwing our sorry asses deep into hostile territory to slug it out with Romeo on his turf.

and it worked about as well as it sounds like it would've worked.  fuck all.

i saw things last night that have me fucking scared out of my fucking mind to go back inside that wall.  and it's not just me, everyone that lived to see the sun rise saw that shit too.  

we really have no idea what we're dealing with here.  and that scares me even more, because i already know what's coming- intel gathering ops.  except instead of sending spies and satellites, they're gonna send us.  i can fucking feel it.  our new platoon sergeant has a hard on to put my fucking squad into every detail where survivability is low so he doesn't' have to deal with our bullshit ever again.  we know for a fact he pads our AARs and tells the company and division commanders that we're rock stars so they'll send us on more dangerous shit more often.

i fucking know it.  they're gonna send us out.  and they're gonna want us to bring Romeo back with us.  


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Comment by MALICE☭ on April 21, 2014 at 9:52am
You and your soldiers are to be sent in to gather Intel? Sounds like a suicide mission!

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