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So I predicted how today was going to turn out pretty well yesterday. Have you ever wanted something so badly, and you tried your hardest to make it happen, but everything backfired and it turned out how you, unfortunately, knew it would? Yeah, happened to me, of course. I did my best to make today a good day, but with one event after another, I found it increasingly difficult to keep a smile pasted on my face. 


How can I break it to my friends? I know that I should probably break up with the boy I'm happily in love with, because he's hurting them as much as he's hurting me... Maybe I should back up and explain...


My boyfriend has some jealousy issues, and so he made me promise I would not hug my guy friends. Today, I told my guy friends that I was no longer going to hug them, and they all got really pissed of at my boy. I understand why, because I would get upset too. I am upset that I can't have that joy and comfort from my friends, but also, I can understand how my boy feels. Now I have to deal with one of my friends who refuses to talk to me, and the rest of my friends (understandably) calling my boy an asshole. 


My friends say I should break up with him. I don't want to though, because although I know there are "more fish in the sea", I'm not ready to give this "fish" up. Honestly, I know they are trying to look out for me, and they worry about me, but until I find problems between him and I, I can't leave him, or I will have regrets and wonder if I'd have been happy with him in the end. 


Two breakdowns today... friends pissed off, boyfriend tried breaking up with me... Jeez, today certainly could have gone better, but y'know, I'm just grateful that I'm still alive to enjoy this world... Just another day in my life. 

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Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on May 5, 2011 at 9:11pm

It sounds like you had a difficult day. You should relax over the weekend and see how you feel on Monday. Your friends will be there for you and your boy sounds expendable...LOL!

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