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Happy has fun

It covers me, a crimson mist, I can feel it soaking into my cloths, hot, and sweet.

Such a sweet scent, so much blood….

My hammer digs in deep under a ghoul’s jaw….teeth, and meat crushed under the blow.

More red mist sprays into the air,

The hatchet homes in, and through the rotted neck of once was a teen tart,,,still dressed in a cheerleader’s uniform.

I feel a tingle run through my arms and legs. A red mist fills my vision.

I hunger for more.

I swing in to… Continue

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a slow start


A small town with a name roughly translated to say “bent ass” in sand script.

8 days before this small town was home to 13 families, 234 people

3 generations of desert nomads that had decided to make a home for themselves.

They had survived sand storms, locus, and Taliban raiders.

60 of the male adults were tough as nails, die hard soldiers from varies armies.

In other words they knew how to fight, knew how to keep their families safe.

5 days… Continue

Added by redrum99 on July 12, 2010 at 6:16am — 1 Comment

the happy

The blade sunk deep into flesh and skull with a satisfying thump.

I stifle the beginning of a grin underneath my gas mask, must not let the happy come out just yet.

I pull the hatchet from the dead head..heh heh…a small luagh…stile, stifle.

I can hear more of them downstairs…more poor victems…more blood, and flesh.

Something stumbles up the stairs…good, they know I am here..heh heh…stifle.

Meaty fist assault the door, heavy shadows block the light from the… Continue

Added by redrum99 on July 1, 2010 at 4:15pm — 1 Comment

altered world: the start of the end

Eddy Hein was the first sergeant of easy company, he had received his field rank when his predecessor,

First sergeant Kyle Jenkins, believed he could single handily take a enemy bunker. As a result of said predecessor, and five good men of easy company lost their lives when the first sergeant’s foot came down on a land mine.

That was a weak or so ago, as far as eddy could recall no one shed a single tear for sergeant Kyle Jenkins.

A few had found time to stop by the field morgue,… Continue

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altered world

A history of the world.

This is a twisted reflection of the world outside your window.

Here events played almost along the same lines that history did in our world.

A major twisted came about near the end of the second world war, Hitler did not commit suicide.

Germany was able to pull their defenses together, holding off allied forces from taking Berlin.

Nazi scientist also came upon a… Continue

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