Wicked Zombies


It covers me, a crimson mist, I can feel it soaking into my cloths, hot, and sweet.
Such a sweet scent, so much blood….
My hammer digs in deep under a ghoul’s jaw….teeth, and meat crushed under the blow.
More red mist sprays into the air,
The hatchet homes in, and through the rotted neck of once was a teen tart,,,still dressed in a cheerleader’s uniform.
I feel a tingle run through my arms and legs. A red mist fills my vision.
I hunger for more.
I swing in to the side of a zed’s shoulder, forcing him to the ground.
A low primal growl of a laugh fills me. Hatchet and hammer beat out a heavy rythem. Meat and blood fill the air.
“give me more…I need more…” the room is fill with a red haze…or is that my vision?
I lick dead blood from my lips, the grin is a evil razor stretching across my face.
I sink the hatchet into another ghoul, yanking her toward me, the hammer thuds into her face.
I feel teeth sink into my thigh, no pain, just a dull tremble as meat and blood leave bone.
I grin down at a 5 year old boy “that is not how you do it.”
I pull him up, my bite into his small throat, ripping his tender flesh in thick chunks.
He gives gurgling snarl as he tries to sink his teeth in again.
My hammer caves in his skull, I watch as his little brains explode from the side of his little, bitty skull.
“gazuntight bitch!” I scream
More zombies, and ghouls stumble through the door…I can’t help but grin.
“bring it bitches…I’m Mr. happy. And I will stab your ass!!!!” I charge into the wall of flesh.
My heart is thumping in my chest…all I see is a crimson mist.
I can’t stop myself from laughing

Gunfire echoed all about private griffin. Sweat itched his scalp under his helmet.
“echo units, report in.” his voice belied the rising panic.
“echo 2, good”
“echo 3, good…low on ammo.”
“echo 4, man down….zeds closing, and ammo out…switching to melee tactics.”
“echo 5, clearing porch, holding position, ammo good….request: send echo 3 ammo.”
Griffin turned to his commander, binoculars on her eyes locked on the building a sharp nod was returned to him.
“echo 5 precede…evac teams in route to echo 4”
The commander touched his shoulder, holding out her hand for the mic.
“echo 5...zed swarm coming south east of your position, count 30 strong.”
“sending beta team to reinforce you position”

The window above the porch shatters as zed, and ghoul body parts explode out.
A mist of dead blood rains down on the startled soldiers.
Spot lights beam in on the window…there stands Mr. happy covered from head to toe in blood.
His grin a razor Cheshire across his face, a wicked insanity with his eyes.
He fades back into the shattered room leaving only his laughter.

The commander gives a small frustrated sigh turns to the bald man standing stiffly behind her.
“red, time to go get your boy.”

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