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Eternal Damnation (Zombie RP)

A RP for anyone who enjoys Role Play. The setting will be put into the Text Box below.


Come one! Come all! The apocalypse is here to take us straight to Hell!

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The Setting

For all you creative minds out there or those who simply like to write, this is for you.


I would prefer no metagaming, no god modding and no controlling of other people's characters. This is a place for people to make their own actions, not the other way around!




Seven years since the outbreak... Seven years of survival in these wastelands... The government tried bombing... The politicians ran... The military took control of territories along the Eastern Coast of the United States. Contact with all other countries has stopped, minus the few sectors still supporting the internet or phones. Electricity is off in most places, other that places with generators of their own that have survivors refilling them with the fuel they need to keep running. Raiders and individuals are the only thing that make up this country, now. A few factions have formed. The most obvious are the Komrads... Then there is the Brother of the Komrads, Nexus. The Stalkers make up another group, yet its still in infancy currently, though it controls three military bases in West Virginia, expanding its influences through trade routes and negotiating with raider groups. Any groups that have resisted their influence have been destroyed due to harmful resistance. They constantly broadcast over ham radio frequencies, as well as local radio stations, acting as though the apocalypse never occurred, playing songs and old radio show logs. Downloaded files from iTunes and the likes. All it took was an influence of a single bank account with falsified money, not that anyone would be using it anymore, and a credit card off a dead body and they had their signals sent out to the world, letting them know there were people out there for them, relaying their signal for them to come along and visit their bases, but only if they were willing to join their cause.


Meanwhile, the rest of the world struggles to survive, minus countries with developed militaries and organizations that were valuable enough to isolate before the infection became to strong. Asia is destroyed by infection, Japan, being isolated, evacuated people off to America's Western coast, only to send them into a slaughter where barely a thirtieth of the people actually made it, only to either be hunted down by raiders or find themselves pulled into work camps for the men and boys, or "meat shacks" for the women, which forced them deep into prostitution with no compensation, or slaves for lack of a better term.


Mexico staved off the infection only due to its intense weather conditions and high access to weaponry deemed illegal in America. Still, its unstable government crippled at the infection, though they have a few working hospitals and plenty of territory wars by small gang factions. The infection is still persistant in the lower class people, totaling at a majority vote over humans.


Canada has been mostly isolated off and due to its harsh cold conditions the infection had very little chance of survival. The people of Canada have still suffered though, their government crippled by the infection, though through it more riots formed and eventually it gave excuse for the individual Providences to become full fledged independant countries, two of them building together to form the country of Alibasteria, a hard working militaristic country using its people as more of a way to produce further soldiers to reclaim territories. The infection still harbors in Canada, killing many in the Eastern and Western Providences, though the central Providences seem to have it partially under control, taking advantage of a few of the more northward territories. Talk is beginning about them starting to mine for oil, but they haven't done anything yet.


South America is the same as Mexico, though with less defense due to further undeveloped territories along it. The mountainous areas around Chile are protected, though every once in a while people can hear the groan of the undead at the borders of the large towers of rock, as if trying to climb them to no avail.


Africa as a whole is destroyed along its Western-to-Southern-to-Eastern territories, the center being barely a safe zone minus the U.N. activity areas that are being destroyed. They won't last another month. Northern Africa and the Middle East are in havoc due to the infection, leaving them all devistated by the attacks. Any survivors left are using their guns to solve the problem, though with the internal conflicts of people they are destroying themselves slowly. They won't last three months.


Europe seems to be one of the perfect save zones due to its strong militaristic power more towards the center of its body. The bridges between the U.K. and the Mainland have been cut off due to ill will against the spread of infection, though England appears to be dealing with the infection better than the rest of the countries in the Kingdom, even if its main populace is next to nil in life and its military is wounded on a knee, any survivors left are left with the bounty trove of food, supplies, weaponry and territories to develop their own societies, and with Britain's many secure territories all it would take is a large enough group of survivors to fortify one spot, lock the gates and set up traps and alarms in case of the infection reaching the territory. France had been destroyed by the infection, though its military forced a fight that lasted months against it, and the people themselves surviving long well after the military's demise at the hands of the infected. Spain and Portugal were destroyed within the first and second year of the infection due to both of those being so close to the trading routes of the sea, it spreading through Spain first before other trade routes hit Portugal not three hours later, forcing a mass enclosure and quarantine of the territory. Italy staved the infection off in its Northern region, thanks to Germany's assistance, though it was crippled from the waist down, the infection riddling it and its surrounding territories with no real form of government. What is left of it is barely stable, instead left on one leg, forced to stand and not fall over. Rome is now destroyed, the Vatican Church infested with the lifeless bodies of those who worshiped the religion, the Pope still preaching to his undead flock as he has passed into the life beyond, his infected carcus dragging the robes around here and there along the temple catacombs. Germany effectively quarantined itself and Northern Italy, using the Alps as an advantage to bring people along from Italy into Germany via helicopter. It still has red zones along the western side of itself, and the North is festered with zombies, though with multiple fencing, military blockades and the application of heavy weaponry they have it effectively covered, now manufacturing weapons and vehicles earlier prohibited by the U.N. and the countries that once consisted of it. All countries to the East of Germany, on exclusion of Russia and the Ukraine are infested, not receiving any help from foreign countries and have effectively died off, proving problems to the Ukraine and Russia along their borders, though the insides of themselves have barricaded the territories and are now waiting it out, farming to keep themselves alive and using any power supplies available to keep their people from rioting.


Australia is surviving surprisingly well, minus several of the islands out breaking and forming infested territories, causing a few zombies to wash up on the shore every once in a while, but the SASR and the rest of the Australian military have it under control, keeping everything under as best control as possible, though they are extremely strict on measures of testing the infection and most men are forced into the military to prompt the expansion of countries around it so they can begin taking the territory back from the infected.


This is the world we have to live in, thanks to the infection. What do you plan to do about it?

Discussion Forum

RPCs 9 Replies

Alright, here you will design your character. Feel free to use images, or descriptions for people to understand what your character will look like. Below are the character sheets you will be…Continue

Started by Stalker Taint. Last reply by Stalker Taint Mar 25, 2012.

Broken Streetlights (RP Room) 159 Replies

The city is near void of life now, infested with the undead who are either dispersing or hunting down what ever survivors have holed up long enough. Outside of the city are a couple of abandoned…Continue

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OOC (Out of Character)

For discussions about the RP or other things that you guys need to get off your chests and tell the members, such as vacations, breaks from the RP or the site itself, and things like that.

Started by Stalker Taint Jul 25, 2011.

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Comment by Zombie_X on February 29, 2012 at 4:09pm
Yeah it was good the RP. And if I remember correctly, I think the very last response was awaiting a reply from you taint. :p
Comment by Stalker Taint on February 29, 2012 at 3:49pm

Ha. Leap year so it's February 29th. Bit disappointed at the lack of posting in my absence, but what ever. It's all good.

Comment by Cathrine O'hara on November 22, 2011 at 6:20pm
New here, is there still room for me to join in?
Comment by Stalker Taint on October 20, 2011 at 7:03pm
Hah. Wish those creative juices would get pumping then.
Comment by Lisa Martyn on October 18, 2011 at 11:18am
this is a very cool and Unqie group ..ill be probually gonna write some stuff on this group ..~! Cant wait to get the creative Jucies PUMPINGGGG
Comment by Stalker Taint on August 12, 2011 at 6:34pm
Comment by Stalker Taint on August 7, 2011 at 4:43pm
Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on August 4, 2011 at 8:29pm
Eternal Damnation (Zombie RP) let the Madness begin...
Comment by Stalker Taint on August 2, 2011 at 12:11am

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