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Who is Looking Forward To The New Godzilla Movie Coming Out May 16th 2014?

Here The Link to The Page http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godzilla_(2014_film)

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if this is actually gonna happen. i think this will rock.

They 29 Godzilla Movies Counting This'New One and Don't Forget 1998 American Remake, This New One is a American Remake too, But its The Real Godzilla Not A Rip Off Verison, They Renamed The 1998 Verison Monster Zilla and Show up in the Film Godzilla Final Wars and Godzilla Kills him in So Many Secs, See They Retired Godzilla For a While and The Made The Film Godzilla Final Wars With Bunch Of Different Monsters in it From The Godzilla Series Of Films, Fan Film to its got the Real Godzilla in it the Same Looking Godzilla From King Kong vs Godzilla, Its Called Wolfman vs Godzilla The Film was shutdown before it was done being made so they only Like 10 Mins Of The Film that was Filmed You can Find some of The Footage On Youtube

i been a fan of Big G (Godzilla) since i was a kid. you wont believe this. but in my collection of Godzilla toys. i even have one of the Godzilla toys that was made when the Shogun Warriors were popular in the late 70's. i cant even begin to tell how extensive my Godzilla collection is because i am such a huge fan. so being they are bringing the king of monsters back thrills me to no end.

this is like the pride of my collection. as you can see. i kept it in the box. it killed meas a kid to not drag it out and play with it. but i knew it was better that way. lol.

Thats Awesome, I Wonder why they never made a Shogun Godzilla Movie

i dont know to be honest with ya. it would have seemed to me that with the popularity of those toys back then. that they would have. unless it went passed a budget line. you know the old saying. "MONEY TALKS" lol. who knows though. the way the older toys make a come back these days. not only could we see a return of the shogun warriors. we could end up seeing it happen just yet. as bad ass as these. it could just happen. lol

I know you said you don't Care For Killcount or BodyCount Videos, I know you my Like, I.am.going to.make Godzilla Monster Bodycount Counting up.How many he killed

sweet. lets see it. lol

Bring on Godzilla Bitches!

Why do we have to wait so long for the good stuff?

i got to fully agree with you there. i absolutely hate to wait when i know a good thing is coming.

The anticipation is the worst I agree. 


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