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i have to pick Jason Voorhees Or PinHead

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I'd put my money on these bad ass dudes!!!!!
John Rambo

Col. James Braddock

John Matrix

Ogami Itto and his son Daigoro

and the Seven Samurai!!!!

YES!!!! Amen bro!!

Carlos Hathcock Jr. even though he's dead
Ellen Ripley kould have my back anytime!

LOL! ya I was gonna put her down with the rest of the Colonial Marine Corps!
Yes I would want Colonial Marine Corps as well!


if i had my choice for the ULTIMATE ZOMBIE KILLER, it would have to be THE PREDATOR.

turn loose a few of these guys on a zombie hoard and just watch the carnage. lol.
now see theres one I can totally agree with brother, but i would like to add maybe about 50 of these guys to have his back

and heres a quick list of why

1 - acid blood
2 - probelm solving intellegence
3 - pack mentality
4 - high levels of immunities
5 - just plain saddistic!
Komrad Rhino and Komrad Kolossus predator and aliens FTW lol
with the weapons and skill THE PREDATORS have. how can you go wrong?

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Not only would Hit Girl beat down some zombies, she'd have fun doing it ; )


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