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ok guys this just came up in muy mind while Dead Winds is saving on my computer, where do you think is the safest place to be in the zombie apocalypse?

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youre kinda cute.


@ Rhino


sigh. *leans back against you and runs my hand through your hair* exactly.

much more of this and i might fall in love. lol.

the thing is. most of will either be at work or doing day to day chores. so if i had to chose a place. i would book it to home base ASAP. then when there, fortify the place. i already know its well stocked and well armed. anything other then that would be a crap shoot.

hard to say, but somewhere up in the mountains has to be near the "top" (see what I did there? lol) of the list of safe places, so few walkers and other hostiles, bound to be abundant game and wildlife...

Theres a city nearby with a lakeside hotel. I would go there. Food, water, balconies for sniper towers and rooms for survivors and storage.

isnt that a little iffy man, I mean the city is less than ideal, the balconies are good, but what if theres just too many?

exaclty. eventually they will be more then one can handel. plus all it takes isd one to ring the dinner bell that you dont see and they will be on you pounding in the doors. then what. cant shoot them all bro. and trapped in a lakeside hotel or a city highrise? not me brother. i want my cruise ship so i can sail out of dodge. lol.

oh really rhino? can't shoot em all? That's how you feel? =P


I like the idea of a hotel, at least for a temporary means. You can stay on the higher levels, booby trap the lower levels, stay quiet. I think it would be a good idea for a rest stop or safe house or something until the ship becomes reachable. Or just in general for people IN the city trying to get out. But yeah, I agree with Wayne. waaaaaay too many zombies to set up shop permanently. More like a 'if you're traveling on foot and have to stop to tend to the wounded or need a place to crash for a few days' kinda place. 

Me and Rhino still getting that cruise ship!!

I would want to be somewhere like an a senior citizen home.  I want to be surrounded by people who are slower than me.

can't kill them all? you underestimate my powers. Snipers on balconies. everyone not sniping, on ground floor. zombies get too close, everyone upstairs, close the door behind you. kill until they begin filling the hall. repeat. (and there is a river boat casino business here too, so we got yo cruise ship)


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