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Hey guys saint here, back for the first time in a long while. sorry life has been well life lately and i haven't had time to post. anyway while bored'aly searching through my netflicks recommendations i was ecstatic to see that dead snow 2 was there waiting for me. a much welcome gem in a horde of mediocre c grade zombie shlock films. needless to say i watched it immediately. so, with out giving to much away i can say i was not disappointed. the black humor and over the top, amazing, practical effect deaths we loved from the first film are back in spades this time around. zombie and geek references galore, peeper this tale of our only surviving char actor form the first film, like a load of shotgun pellets to the face. once again our hero must battle the undead battalion of the third Reich as they tear and slash their way through the quite villages of Norway. only this time he is armed, quite literally, with a secret weapon. watch as he tears through Nazi zombie ass with the help of non other then the zombie squad them selves. in an all out gore fest that makes the inner Norman baits in all of us jump for joy. as they spill more fake blood then the elevator scene in the shining. so be sure to check out DEAD SNOW, RED VS. DEAD!!!

okay enough with the coming attraction shtick. i can not recommend this film enough it has everything a great zom-com should. humor, action, great special effects. a story that sucks you in and enough action to make you forget its a comedy, until it makes you laugh so hard you sides nearly split open like zombies are tearing at them. perhaps it lost a little of the suspense and isolation the first one had but it more then makes up for it. with just over the top awesomeness. and i cant say how great it was to have the zombie squad included in the movie. just seeing the filmmakers acknowledge the fans, like us who dedicate so much of our lives to zombies and prep for zombies. really great. even if they did make fun of them a little they still let them prove their badness. and of course i wish it had been us that got the spotlight but hey maybe next time. so check out dead snow 2 for a great flick if you got net flicks. and even if you dont find a way to watch this movie. so good. for now saint 357 signing off.

oh and ps the netflicks ones in English!

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I can't wait to watch this.  I loved the first one.  Thanks for the heads-up.

I have the blu-ray, and I agree-it's terrific, maybe even better than its predecessor as it has a bigger scope and more over-the-top deaths. If they continue to make more of these, which I hope they do, it could become a really standout zombie/gore franchise. And, yes, the zombie fighting squad that comes over from the U.S. really added another fun element to the movie-hopefully we'll see them again. What's worse than zombies? Nazi zombies!

I'll have to check it out and re watch the first one to see if I missed something that everyone is raving about...I guess I've missed something...But, I'll give it another chance and check out part two...

We watched it last night.  I've left my review in the Movies group, but I will say it is very sick and very funny.


Now I have to make the time to see this Zombie Masterpiece!... XOXO!

Ok, I've watched the first one and seen the second one also...Yes I thought the intro of the Zombie Squad was pretty interesting...Other then that, I fail to see what everyone is in either one...And this is coming from a guy who has Fido and a few other "So-Called" dark, twisted and funny zombie movies within his own collection...

   I fell asleep about 15 or twenty minutes into the movie, well it may have been longer then that, I made it to Zombie Squad lands and I passed out...Well fell asleep as they were shopping...

   I guess it's one of those movies in which you have to be into that way left field thing...(L) Everytime out of the three times I've tried to watch both of them, I get maybe 30 minutes into either movie and I end up sleeping through the rest of the movie...

   I've tried watching it shortly after getting up in the morning, tried watching it a little after lunch and even before supper time...All three times I've fallen sleep...I guess these two movies are just not meant for me to watch...

    So as it stands right now, I'm not to thrilled with either movie...If I fall asleep during a movie its one of those things where either the story is moving to damn slow or I just can't get into it for some reason...

   Will try and give it another go this weekend...If I end up falling asleep again, I'll just let you guys have it....(LOL)

Dude, maybe you just need to get more sleep! Although, at this point, if you ever have trouble sleeping, I suppose you can always put in a Dead Snow movie. Yeah, you know, everyone has different tastes, and some movies, no matter how well liked they are by the majority, just don't jive with certain people for whatever reason. But it's cool that you definitely seem to be giving the movies more than a fair shot.

Being a single parent, you don't get much sleep, so that could be the problem...But we will see this weekend...(LOL)

   But will give them both another shot...But after this weekend no matter what happens, I'll be done with them..(LOL)

   Anyways, to all those who seem to like it or want to see these two movies, Netflix has them both...Only thing you have to do to watch part one is do a search...

   Well Happy viewing to everyone...

Is this on Netflix? I need to caught up on the zombie movie genre.

I really enjoyed Dead Snow 2 it was a twisted comedy and extremely entertaining .

Great movie

seen both. needmore rum.


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