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I think I can say that this sequel to Dead Snow is actually better than the original.  It does this for multiple reasons, the biggest two being that they had a bigger budget and, more importantly, it fully embraces it's dark comic soul.  This movie is full of gross outs that make you laugh.

As I said, the filmmakers aren't fooling around this time, they just outright go for the laughs.  I found myself gasping (at the grossness of the movie) and laughing at the same time.  The filmmakers also don't fool themselves and know that there is no taking the plot seriously.  This frees them up to go for the most outlandish gags they can.  (Gags as in grossness and gags as in funny.)

The movie picks up where the other one leaves off and we have our hero being chased by the Nazi's from the first movie.  In a macabre twist of fate, he gets linked up on a supernatural level with the power of the head Nazi villain.  This leads to tragedy and triumph.  Ultimately, it leads to an epic face-off of Undead vs. Undead with the living caught in between.

The filmmakers are inventive at keeping the plot moving along with new and gory plot twists.  If you like your zombies darkly funny, then this is the movie for you.

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I agree and enjoyed it even better than the first as well. While the original had basically a single location and a limited number of potential victims, this sequel has a much wider scope and countless zombie fodder. And bringing in a 'zombie squad'  that comes to help save the day was a great idea. The gory special f/x were top notch too!

It definitely had a larger budget than the first one.  The sets, special effects, and whole scope of the picture show that.  All-in-all, a gory laugh-fest.

It also had a tiger tank.....sexy tank. even if its a tarted up T34.

it was a ok movie, !! bad-ass, !!


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