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At 5:28pm on December 28, 2020, Oriel said…

Hi Venessa! I am all good! How about you? X-mas was great,all the kiddies were home-jusrt that my oldest bought a new turbo skidoo and couldn't bring it with him cause there was no snow!!! LOL I have NEVER lived a single winter where there was none-such a wierd year in more ways than one!

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas,got your tree decorated,and all your wishes come true...except politics! LOL


At 5:02am on December 10, 2020, Oriel said…

Zombie Xmas | Creepy christmas, Zombie christmas, Scary christmas

Have A Good Day!

At 11:56pm on December 6, 2020, Komrad Kolossus said…

At first everyone loved my little creation, two of the players suggested calling them "Twilight Terrors" or  "Faded Ones" . Not sure if I'm leaning towards one or the other yet, the group of players is actually large enough that adding a new player here or there won't off set game. So of course I have a character and got to sit in on three sessions. Yes you guessed it everyone automatically thinks well we know who's being bitten first and they started checking my character daily in the game. Lol like the DM or myself would be so obvious, they were all so certain of me. None of them saw it happen when it did.

The Third session four NPC's ( non playing characters) had been bitten at different times ( oh should have told you one playing session equals about 12 to 18 months in the game) now they weren't major characters but all had key roles. 1) was the master at arms in charge of weapon storage and ammo making.  2) was a four year E.R. trauma surgeon. 3) former air traffic control operator for O'Hare airport she kept the all the scouting parties in radio contact. And finally 4) the 15 yr old son of the groups leader.

And the end of session they had all been infected two were off on supply runs and the other two were still at base camp ( the main camp is about size of four city blocks behind well built walls and barricades. Then you have the four surrounding field camps about one city block if even that big. The population is very small compared to camp size but each camp is set up so they can move spot to spot in case of attack and what not.

Next week is session four its going to be very interesting

At 2:14pm on December 5, 2020, Oriel said…

HAHA!!! Love the decorations!

The restaurants were open for a while,movies,I don't believe they are:(

Fun-hmmm.... LOL-can't really go skidooing this year-hardly enough snow and the ice rinks haven't been made yet. Weird year-Northern Canada has hardly any snow!!!! LMAO!

At 12:46pm on December 5, 2020, Rosas † Negras said…

thank you very much ... I hope you are well ... here in Italy it is a mess ...

At 7:00am on December 5, 2020, Rosas † Negras said…

I missed you my friend ... you are the one who makes my sky full of clouds a wonder a rainbow in the dark

At 5:18am on December 5, 2020, Rosas † Negras said…

At 2:22am on December 5, 2020, Oriel said…

I usually try and get it up by the first-my oldest was born on the 2-so I always keep it cheery-:)))

Getting the families together sounds like a real challenge for all this year-but we shall figure a way! LOL

Have a lot of crafts to get done up the next few weeks and some rituals to plan-heeheeeheeee......other than that everything is set!:)))))))

How about you-what plans have you got?

How is everyone is the US? Everyone taking a stand against the communist movement Biden has in place? I hear our priemere is investing in a lot of bitcoin trading/stock market most likely again with the tax payer monies-hopefully I can start on that soon! LOL!

Get that tree up-keep the spirits positive and stay happy! :))

peace out!

Get that tree up gal

At 1:28am on December 1, 2020, Oriel said…

Well,put up my tree* and made pizza! Now we wait...for Xmas:))

At 1:56am on November 30, 2020, Oriel said…

I noticed I was spelling your name wrong!

Sorry Vennesa! LOL

At 1:54am on November 30, 2020, Oriel said…

Hi Vannesa-real busy:)) How was yours?

At 5:49pm on November 25, 2020, Brandon Empyre said…

thank you 

At 6:12am on November 24, 2020, Oriel said…

Thanks Vanessa,for the Welcome.

At 8:20pm on November 20, 2020, Oriel said…

Nice to be here!

At 8:12am on November 17, 2020, Komrad Kolossus said…

Not working right now but will probably stay in the same field when I start looking I already have 3 former ko-workers who want to hire me. 2020 has officially been one of the worse years of my life lost too many loved ones got injured had to kut some "friends" out of my life they turned too toxik 

I saw the new mutants online lol and am trying to wait for Morbius the living vampire hes part of the spiderman and blade side of marvel

At 3:25pm on November 6, 2020, Komrad Kolossus said…

Hello Komrad!

I'm feeling better just as long as I keep busy and don't let my mind wonder off like it loves to.

There are actually 3 open theatres, one of which is an oldstyle drive-in. They have two different park like areas for younger kids to play, along with the retro snack bar/ lobby. 

Second one is more of a bar and grill theatre they serve movie goers and people just out for a bite. Menu changes often but you can always add a shot or two to your drink. The last one is one of those twelve screen mega plazas with all the bells and whistles plus 3D and IMAX shows

At 8:36am on October 17, 2020, MichaelJasonFreddyFanForever said…

At 7:14pm on September 28, 2020, WarMarshall said…


sorry for the caps, but it was a miracle of effort to do so. since he had no family and no guardian to his estate, getting the property (ashes) released to me, who is legally just a friend, was a nightmare. i had to have the judge be convinced to sign off on it..  the funeral director had to go to lunch with the judge and chat it out, and finally convinced him to do so.  

my brother is home, and i miss him dearly.  he was my zpoc battle brother and my best friend. 

At 4:56pm on September 21, 2020, JFarrow said…

I sent you a message back about the site... just making sure you got it.

At 3:26pm on September 9, 2020, Rosas † Negras said…

I'm online now I finish the theme .. as soon as the theme is over I want you to have dinner with me by candlelight yes or no?

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