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This one was created by another of my writers Michael Wier... Its his first write up and he did it on the zombie bee's we have been lookin at in the news of late.... I think he did a great job! Let us know what you think!


This is a collection of information regarding zombie-like Honeybees. If I have misinterpreted the research in any way please let me know so I can correct it.


A recent study done by Andrew Core (Ecology and Systematic Biology graduate)
sheds new light on a fly parasite (Apocephalus borealis) affecting bee
colonies around the world.  This parasite is blamed for a massive epidemic
transforming millions of honey bees into zombie-like creatures.  This isn't the
first parasite to effect a species of bees. There have been other studies done
on fly parasites in the recent years...much of this study was due to an
accidental finding by Biology Professor John Hafernik, who was looking for
something to feed his praying mantis. He found some honey bees outside of his
classroom, placing them in a container and forgetting about them, till a week
later. When he remembered he noticed that all of the bees were dead and laying
with them were fly pupae.

Studies show that the parasitic fly lays its eggs inside the abdomen of the
honey bee. When the parasite eggs hatch they cause the honey bee to act erratic,
walking around aimlessly in circles only to leave the hive at night and die. 
"Bees usually just sit in one place, sometimes curling up before they die", said
Core. "But the parasitised bees were still alive, unable to stand up on their
legs.  They kept stretching them out and then falling over," he said. "It really
painted a picture of something like a zombie."

And while the parasite may be causing extrodinary damage to the honey bees
population, there is an upside to their discovery!  According to the Mirror (
"Scientists discovered the parasite by accident but they believe it may help
them discover what is causing colony collapse disorder which is devastating
honey bees in Europe and America cutting some populations in half."

The parasite is believed to be new and similar to one currently affecting the
bumblebee population. Scientists are still figuring out exactly how the parasite

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Comment by Velma Giggle Wink on January 14, 2012 at 2:43am

WOW!!!!Thats awsome! Totally snagging that pic to put on the story! LOL

Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on January 13, 2012 at 9:12pm


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