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   Well, it's one of those times where I get to jump on. First off, let me tell you I am trying to quit smoking, which seems to be getting easier and easier as I try.  Yes I tend to smoke a cigarette here and there and sometimes a couple in a couple of hours.  But each time I try to quit, I go longer and longer without them. Yes I back step each day, but push forward also...

   How am I quiting you may ask, I am using vaping as a way to cut back, but mostly just not picking up a cigarette...Yes I still have about 3 or 4 smokes a day right now...Mostly after breakfast, one after lunch, one after supper and then one before bed. Meantime, in between these cigarettes, to help curve the cravings, I have been using vaping box mods to play tricks on my brain...Which has seem to work these past few days...The best thing is, the more I use it, the less Nicotine level I decrease too...I was stuck at a level of 18 in nicotine when using vapor pens, but since switching to box mods, I've been able to cut my nic level to a 6, sometimes a 3...Which seems to help with kicking the habit...

   Anyways, I have beatin my record of 24 hours without a smoke...I now have went 30 hours...And of course to celebrate I ended up having a smoke...(LOL) SO now I have a new goal, I need to make 36 hours and then target 48 hours...Once I reach my 48 hour goal...I know I don't need the cigarettes...

   And before anyone goes on a rant about vaping, I'm going to tell you this up front, China and Japan have been vaping before it reached the shores of America...So once it hit here in the states and started takin' profits out of the big tobacco companies pocket, then suddenly ads, studies and more governmental propaganda started showing up against vaping and the vaping market...If two other countries have done this for more then 20 years and their population hasn't decreased, not even by .05 percent from these supposedly harmful alternative to actual smoking...

   So, do we believe the bullshit that our government says about something, because it takes money from their pockets, or do we look to where people are using the product and is helping them quit something worse...I believe vaping is a safer alternative then half the pills, patches or other American alternatives to quit smoking...

   So to let you know, if you come at me with vaping is worse then actual smoking, I'll ignore you and your little governmental backing of vaping is bad...I have had Dr.'s and nurses and even clinic workers hug me and tell me that vaping is a lot safer to help you to quit smoking and give me a damn hug because I am trying to quit...

   So before you become all high and mighty on the dangers of vaping, look at who's filling your head with the bad shit...And look back to when they would say things were bad for you and now it's actually good...

   Anyways, I'm doing good, the boys are doing and as of right now they are in Texas spending a week with their grandma...They must be having a lot of fun, cause the little shits aint called me once...(LOL)


   Anyways, blogga later....


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Comment by Komrad Scarlet Zombie☭ on June 19, 2015 at 1:57pm

Jessie your updates always make my day. 

I am so Happy you and the boy's are doing so well! 

Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on June 19, 2015 at 9:35am

Komrad it is Always a pleasure to hear from you.

You will beat the need to smoke.

I am Proud of you...

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