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  It's been one of those months again. Where the soul feels empty and the spirit unwilling to except the pain from the heart...Though many say you will be set upon by the world of love once more,..As the world goes to shit around me, I feel the darkness ever creeping...The fear ever growing...The beast within increasing in strength...

   There's blood every where my eyes look, body parts every step I take and sounds of pain echoing within my ears...It takes forever for my senses to adjust to the fall of the evening light...

   Dread and agony fill my path as the scene surrounding me is focused into my eyes...The stench of decay, rotting, burnt and corrupted flesh invade my sense of smell...My family?

   It was to late...It was my fault....

   Ladies and gentlemen, the passage above will become part of my second installment of my book, Nightmare in Tennessee...Yes it has taken me a few years to get the first installment put together and written, but it's finally done...I've sent it to a few friends and I'm waiting on their review of the first installment...I'm kind of worried about, cause I did tell them to be honest and brutal...But I'm not so worried about it that it'll make me put the second installment into play...I'm actually not looking to publish the first installment just yet, cause I want to do some tweaking on it, but for the fore most, Nightmare in Tennessee part 1 is finished...

   After damn near 7 years in total, I finally got the first part done...It's harder then I thought it would be...Used to think I just sit down and let the story flow...Well that didn't happen...Between trying to deal with a lot of unforeseen happenings within this thing we call life and dealing with my own personal issues, it took awhile to get everything together...I'm pretty proud of myself that I finally finished the first part of Nightmare in Tennessee...

   Not sure if the title will stay the same, but right now it'll work...

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