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Trying New Things Doesn't Help The Dentist

I hate the color pink, so I'm not sure why I'm using the color today :P


Ahhh, it's been a few days since I've posted anything. The most eventful stuff that happened is kinda exciting... KINDA.


My best friend, whom I've not really hung out with for about a year, and I went to an Asian store, and my mom provided me with $40 to spend. After spending some of it at Borders, we went to the Asian store and totally went crazy picking out everything we wanted. My goal? Try new things! When I go to Asian stores, I usually get the same things, over and over, and don't venture out to new things, so this time I forced myself to grab things I've never had before, and try them. I ended up buying three different drinks to try, and some Japanese ice cream bars (Carmel). There was some other stuff I bought, but I've had it all before, so I'm only gonna mention the newer stuff.


So, I bought banana flavored Milkis, a Korean drink... I didn't notice before I bought it, but it said that it's "a new soda feeling", which is weird, because first off, it's milk based, and it's banana flavored... if that right there doesn't say how weird it is, let me tell you: IT'S WEIRD!!! I opened up the bottle and smelled the contents before taking a drink. It smelled like something kinda spoiled, but not spoiled at the same time. So, I didn't hesitate, I took a small sip of it. I unexpectedly started laughing extremely hard, because I didn't realize it was carbonated until I took a drink, which was when I searched for where it said it was carbonated. God, it tastes foul, but it's so weird that it makes me laugh, and I feel happy. My best friend, Sarah, agreed, it is disgusting and weird... she thinks I'm weird because I kept drinking it, but my reasoning is that I bought it with money, and I don't intend to waste it. I won't pour it out unless it's making me gag and want to throw up, which it doesn't, it just doesn't taste good.


Another drink I bought that I tried is Calpis. I learned about it in Japanese class two years ago, and my opinion of it was this: If something sounds close to cow piss, there is no way that can taste good, and whoever drinks it is weird. The Calpis I bought was white peach flavored. I opened it up, and smelled it, and I was in heaven! It smelled like fresh peaches, and that made me less worried about trying it, so I of course take a small mouthful. It was amazing!! I have to say, it tastes like juice, and it's sweet. Honestly, now Calpis is one of my favorite beverages, and I cannot wait to get more of it, because it's addicting!


Sarah bought a mineral water that was peach flavored, and she shared it with me. Tasted of very ripe, sweet peaches, and that's another drink we plan to get again. 


Trying new things was fun!! I definitely want to do that again, because I found a lot of good things. I'm still shocked over the Calpis, because I honestly thought I'd hate it. The only reason I bought it was because I was curious about Calpis, and my thought was this: If they have peach flavored, surely it can't be all that bad? I may hate peach yogurt, but peach flavored drinks usually always taste delicious!


The Japanese carmel bars were also a new experience. Sarah and I were excited to try those because they looked pretty good from the picture on the box. Actually, I was the one who pointed it out and insisted on getting it, and Sarah reluctantly agreed. But we definitely did NOT regret our decision of purchase, because those carmal bars were very good. It was like a mixture of a popsicle and a fudge bar; hard to explain. It's easier if you just tried one yourself. Even my older sister, who had taken us to the Asian market, tried one, and had to admit that it was indeed very tasty.


Moving on to Monday: Root canals suck. The two hour process was extremely frustrating for me, seeing as I have a fear of the dentist. The dentist had hooked me up to laughing gas and gave me a numbing shot in my mouth, and I thought he was going to start working and everything. Instead, after about five minutes, he takes everything off and just walks away, leaving me really scared and confused. I was so distressed about it that I was trembling uncontrollably. I think they told me they'd be right back, but I didn't hear them because I was listening to my music to prevent my anxiety making me do something stupid like scream in terror or try to run away. Anyway, it was frustrating because they kept having to stop procedure at lot to give me pain shots because every few minutes or so they'd do something new to my tooth, and I'd suddenly feel it and flinch. I hated it because they, the dentist and his assistant, kept giving each other looks like, "Holy shit, she can feel this?!". I usually end up needing four or more numbing shots in order for me to not feel anything. 

My least favorite part of this is the stupid thing they put in my mouth to force it to stay open wide for two hours! I forget how to close my jaw, and so when we were finally at the end, the assistant told me to close my mouth, and I kid you not, I honestly couldn't remember how to move my jaw and was terrified when I couldn't do as I was asked. Finally after forcing myself to find my jaw muscles, and trying hard to close my jaw, it closed with some difficulty.


On top of just getting a root canal, the day after when I woke up, I figured out real fast that I had caught a cold, and with that random muscle pains. So I've been a whole mess of pain.


Well, let's end this with fun stuff! My mom, while she was out for the weekend, for Mother's Day, with Chris, my stepdad, she was thinking of me. She had stopped at an all Japanese store and bought me a shirt, which I am currently wearing (nyan cat rocks!), and also bought me a new ipod. I am extremely lucky, aren't I, for having such an awesome mom.


On top of all of this, I've been watching a crapload of movies! My boyfriend has been making me use his crunchyroll and netflix account so that I can watch all the movies and anime that I want, and trust me, I've been using it, a LOT. It's been fun.


Wish me luck, by the way, for today I am presenting my Japanese speech!!


How has your guys week been? Anything new and exciting?

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Comment by Kitty Kat on May 11, 2011 at 7:53pm

Komrad: Cow piss indeed :P And thanks for the luck! I managed to get through the speech okay, with some minor laughter from the class as at the end I messed up and then corrected myself several times and argued with our sensei about it and told him he could deal with my correction because I knew I was right and awesome. 


Kasumalley: Root canals are definitely not fun, but yes, indeed I did have fun! And construction doesn't sound like fun... How long has that been going on? 

Comment by kasumalley on May 11, 2011 at 1:03pm
Oh and good luck!

We have had lots of construction going on in our bathroom. I'm ready for it to be done!!!
Comment by kasumalley on May 11, 2011 at 1:03pm
I <3 Netflix and caramel, but definitely not root canals! At least you had some fun mixed in there. ;) Like the pink.
Comment by Komrad Lady Sunyak on May 11, 2011 at 12:58pm

Haha you drank cow piss lol. Good luck with your speech!

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