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People say I'm the life of the party because I tell a joke or two were the first things I heard hopping out of the huey and over the roar of the rotors I think the song was Tracks of my Tears anyway I looked around for a second and saw Firebase Charlie but before I could make any assumptions I was approached by the man I'd soon know by simply Sarge

He said to me "Welcome to the 'nam, what's your name kid?" I replied "Name's Hector Cologne sir" he said "Nice to meet you Hector but do me a favor will ya?" I said "What sir?" he smirked "Cut it with the sir shit will ya?" I smiled "Sure thing" he said to me "Might as well take you to your new suite" and then we started walking

We walked through Firebase Charlie like we was strolling through central park on a sunday afternoon we passed a few bunkers and a few other sandbag buildings then we approached my 'suite' it was another sandbag structure but this one was improvised with wooden ammo boxes as walls and things of that nature it was also slightly below the ground but only by a foot or so just needing a step at the entrance

I walked in and the first thing I heard was Heard it through the grapevine by Marvin Gaye it was playing on a radio somewhere then I smelt the place it smelt of weed and sweet but oddly enough I liked it then I saw my squad some guy in the corner said "Who's the kid?" Sarge said "His name's Hector he's our new guy, and Hector this band of miscreants is 2nd squad that charming fellow over there is Parker" Parker said "Call me Lizard" Sarge started again "That over there is Doc, the guy with the helmet is Armando" Armando said "Call me Point, cause I'm always on point" Sarge started over again "And that big motherfucker down there that's Tiny"

Then the Sarge left just like that and Lizard said to me "So bro what's the word?" as he lite a cigarette I replied "There are riots in chicago and detroit and King is dead" there was a silence that came over the room Lizard just said "Jesus fucking christ" I found an empty bunk and unpacked all my shit into my foot locker Tiny said "Well that really blows now Colon where you from?" I smirked "Harlem, you?" "Chicago" I said "Cool" and then laid down to get some sleep

Only after what seemed like a few seconds I awoke to the sound of gunfire the first thing I saw was Point hurdled up in a corner with his M-16 firing sporadicly through the gunport I grabbed my piece and ran to the other gunport and started firing into the bush at everything or nothing whichever came first I heard a dink yell out "GI FUC YU" I yelled back "HO CHI MINH SUCKS DICK YOU FUCKING DINK GOOK MOTHERFUCKER" Lizard yelled over "YEAH THAT'S HOW TO DO IT SON" I ran over and grabbed my helmet and then ran back to the gunport shooting some more

I then turned towards Doc and then it all went black and I found myself sitting on a cloud with a talking cow and a guy who looked like Jesus

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Comment by Kitty Chainsaw on June 12, 2010 at 9:40pm
i like the new direction,cool piece :)

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