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The cow said to me "What are you doing? Get the fuck up!" Jesus guy said "Hey Hector bro get up G.I.s aren't allowed to die on duty" I said "Okay" and opened my eyes and saw Doc standing over me he said "Hey the dead man is awake, enjoy your nap sweetheart?" I said "Yea, actually I did" Point was a foot away rolling a J on an ammo box he licked it smelled it and lite it up took a long toke of it and then past it to me "Take it, it'll numb the pain" I looked puzzled "What pai- OW SHIT THAT HURTS" Point started laughing "Told you want it now?" I didn't even reply I just grabbed it and took a long, long, toke taking out nearly all of the stogie I held the smoke in and then let it out coughing a bit while I did

I said "This some good shit, man" and then handed the J back to him I said to Doc "What the fuck happened to me Doc?" he said "Take off your helmet" I did and turned it around I saw a giant crater in the back of my helmet that went in at least an inch Doc said "You got shot my friend luckily for you, your helmet stopped the bullet but it did knock you out and give you a huge bruise" Tiny started laughing "First time a guy has been shot in our squad that wasn't dead!" everyone started laughing when Sarge came in "Okay kids whats so fucking funny?" Tiny still laughing "Hector got shot!" Sarge looked puzzled and then came over I showed my helmet and he started laughing his ass off too "Aight haha we got an all day patrol today and guess what squads are picked to go?" they all said "2nd and 3rd squad" Lizard just said "Man we always get picked to go out this is some bullshit man I'm tired of this shit" Sarge said "Yeah, yeah life's a bitch but shut the fuck up and get your shit together"

Sarge left and I started packing Tiny walked over, "What the fuck you doing? Just pack extra ammo, water, and some c-rats aight?" I said "Got it" and then Tiny said "Take this" as he handed me 2 400 round belts for the 60 I drapped them over each shoulder then put on my ass pack and grabbed my M-16

Point went out first, then Tiny, then me, and then lizard we all sat outside of the barracks I sat down on some sandbags put my rifle down and then Tiny said "Look bro you just stick close to me and lizard aight? You'll learn a thing or two but just don't take any chances okay?" I said "Alright where we going anyway bro?" Point smiled "Hell bro Hell" I smirked and then Sarge came over "aight let's go earn our pay" and there we went we walked right out of the base and into the triple canopy jungle fuck it was thicker than I imagined you couldn't see more than 10 feet in any direction except straight ahead and straight back

We walked for what seemed like hours the M-60 belts dug into my shoulders my rifle started feeling like it weighed a hundred pounds I took a sip of my stagnant thick water that resemble spit rather than a cool beverage but I had to stay hydrated in this heat that was so thick you could cut it with a knife there was absoulutly no talking either it was dead silence besides the sound of birds, and other animals deeper in the bush then I saw the light we'd walked into a rice paddy

The temperature was noticealby cooler we had a breeze coming from the south there were ridges 700 yards away mountains a 10, 20 miles away there was a little village a mile or so away and the sound of choppers filled the air everyone started to spread out I did the same but stay between Lizard and Tiny I saw a huey off in the distance then I heard the rotors and then finally I heard the music coming off out of it's giant speakers the song was Voodoo Child

I was smiling with a shit eating grin I was actually enjoying myself and then Tiny said "What the fuck are you so happy about?" I was saying "It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining and we aren't getting shot at" then we were opened up on from the ridge we all hit the deck Lizard said "YOU WERE SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT NOT GETTING SHOT AT YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER" I yelled back "FUCK YOU" and raised my rifle and start firing along with everyone else Tiny was screaming "GET SOME, GET SOME MOTHERFUCKER" as he fired I stopped firing flipped my double mag around and slammed it hard into the receiver and started firing again on rock and roll

The machine gun on the ridge which was probably a .51 cal stopped and the captain said "LETS GO YOU FUCKERS GET TO THE ROAD" there was a road running through the middle of the rice paddy about 150 yards away I stood up and tried to run but tripped and fell in the water I felt a hand around my harness that lifted me up it was Tiny "We gotta go junior" and he threw me to my feet and we start sloshing our way through the water we were about 15 feet from the raised gravel road when the .51 opened up again I saw the water splashing up around us and I jumped for the road Tiny did the same which was surprising for such a big guy

Tiny set up his 60 and I was his loader for the moment and he opened up on where the muzzle flashes were coming from I heard the captain screaming into the radio "I NEED A FIRE MISSION ON GRID KILO 2 4 HILL 649 NAPALM" the response "roger that captain ETA 2 minutes" Captain punch the receiver down into the radio counted the seconds I got to 80 seconds and turned around and saw two F-4 Phantoms they were coming in at treetop level they passed over us dropped the napalm canisters and then everything slowed down I watched the canisters tumble towards the hill and then the blast came in from the jets it was ear shattering it was so loud and then the canisters hit lighting the whole hill ablaze the firing stopped immediatly from both sides

I said to Tiny "Holy fucking shit that was intense" Tiny said "Welcome to 'Nam, Kid" I heard the captain "RELOAD WE'RE HEADING BACK" that message was repeated by all the Seargents Point got up first and then the rest of us did we started heading towards the jungle thing was that confused me was we went in, completly out of the way from where we came out I asked Lizard "Why are we not taking the same route back?" Lizard leaned back but still had his head forward "In case charlie decided to set a few traps" I said "ahh that explains it"

We started hacking through the impregnable jungle at a decent pace I figured we'd want to get back before dark I mean the sun was setting and it was already getting dark under the canopy I was starting to fear the dark coming but just as the last glimpses of light peaked over the horizon we reached Firebase Charlie exhausted and wasted but were okay I walked into the barracks dropped all my gear and grabbed a marlboro and tried to actually get some sleep only for us to be attacked....again

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Comment by casecloser on June 15, 2010 at 9:56pm
You are in the middle of a WAR ZONE!
Comment by Kitty Chainsaw on June 13, 2010 at 10:58pm
exciting stuff,i really enjoyed it. :)

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