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Ahh, my previous post was distressing, yeah? I'm sorry for freaking out. Although I refuse to delete it, so that some day I can come back here and look at it and remember what goes through my mind in my childhood days.


As I have mentioned before, I am always stressed, have been for years. I am going to make a guess and say that part of my reaction came from stress and anxiety and my other disorders. But also, a part of it was just me overreacting. Truly pathetic.


Relationships are a bunch of work, and don't I know it. Find the wrong one, you find a lot of pain and stress. Relationships shouldn't be like that at all. Find the right one, it's still work, but also, there are rewards in the end. Mm, I suppose maybe I'm stressing hard to find that right one as soon as I can, because I know I'm falling apart, no matter my pretending to be okay.


Of course, you can't really find love, it finds you. Or can you? Is love something that you can find? Can you find "The One"? Hmm, I've also put a lot of thought into this as well.


Ahh... Back to where I've always been. I'm constantly thinking about things like this, love, stress, life, death, everything. I spend hours analyzing everything within my life. I've never really written it all out though. Nor have I gotten feedback from other people, so a blog site like this is quite refreshing. I enjoy hearing what other people have to say, whether it be bad or good.


Anyway, back to the original topic. My relationship with my boy is still pretty stable. We talked about what was going on. I was mainly panicked because for most of the day he wouldn't talk to me because he was busy with work, school, and his mom. That put a lot of thoughts in my head that made me go crazy and get depressed. Lucky for me, he said that his mom knows he refuses to break up with me because he is serious about me. So, I suppose his could mean that she won't try to force us apart... or so I pray.


Yes sir, this relationship is going to take lots of work!

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Comment by MALICE☭ on May 2, 2011 at 8:40pm
You ladies have touch my heart :)
Comment by Komrad Lady Sunyak on May 2, 2011 at 6:06pm

Love is the type of thing that finds you when you least expect it. When you look for love, you have a certain type of desperation motivating you because you're afraid of loneliness. That's not a good place for a relationship to start off. I noticed that I didn't/couldn't meet a good man until I was in a good place, myself.  

Comment by kasumalley on May 2, 2011 at 2:52pm
Girl, we've all been there. It's good to vent. :) Good for the soul. *hugs* Hang in there!

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