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I had heard a lot of positive buzz for the zombie movie, The Dead.  So, I had 50% on any purchase at Half Priced Books, so I bought.  

It seems that a lot of zombie movie viewing lately of low-key, contemplative zombie flicks and The Dead is no exception.

Some might say that The Dead is slow moving, but I'd like to think it was more contemplative and nuanced.  It takes place in South Africa and is about a world wide outbreak of zombies.  We see this whole story through the eyes of a single soldier who is trying to find his way across the country to find his wife and son.  The first 20 minutes has very limited dialog and quickly transitions down to a single man for quite awhile.  

The acting varies in quality, but is mostly good.  The effects are very good and the zombies very creepy.  

I say give this one a chance.

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Let me tell you something, to me this is one of the best zombie films that came out in the last few years. And people only need to know that it's not an action film, it's a journey film.
I was lucky enough to meet the filmmaker and 1 of the actors, these guys went through hell just trying to film this beautifully shot movie. I really enjoyed it, despite the slow pace. And I'm glad they're working an a second film... This time it takes place in India. It seems most of the better zombie films released in the last few years are coming out of Europe, and not the U.S. 

ahh best African zombie movie since zombie 2. i love the hiring of real amputates to play the zombies. add a whole new depth to the field. so few movies can pull of slow zombies. they all try to take the easy route and make them fast playing on action rather then suspense. but so few movies even do suspense anymore. i mean real on the edge of your seat suspense.

Actually Zombie 2 doesn't take place in Africa,
it takes place in the Carribean (U.S. Virgin Islands)

ohh thanks or the correction

The Dead 2, India!
The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the Ford Brothers’ African set ‘The Dead’, ‘The Dead, India’ move us to the hustle and bustle of India as the outbreak of the walking dead take hold. An American engineer teams up with a surviving orphan street kid to trek 300 miles across stunning but deadly rural Indian landscapes to the now infested slums of Mumbai to try and save his pregnant girlfriend. The first ever international zombie movie shot in Incredible India, 'The Dead 2, puts the Ford Brother's unique vision on a far bigger canvas, with breath taking scope, thrilling action and emotional resonance...

Cool! A new "dead" franchise is born!

I'll definitely have to check out the sequel.  

I'm in definite agreement with Corrado -- this is a journey movie.  I enjoyed when the main characters met up with the African soldier.  


R.J. Spears

I heard from another Wicked Zombie member that this is a good one. It's on the top of one of my Blu-ray piles ready to be watched. Thanks for the mini-review.

"The Dead" possesses all the bare essentials of a zombie movie. That shouldn't be enough for it to succeed, yet here we are; with a respectable and well-made horror film with part-time elements of a road movie. Howard and Jonathan Ford (credited as The Ford Brothers) direct this familiar and not-so-original but nevertheless exciting take on the genre of the undead, demonstrating that they can uphold the task of making a few movies in one. Their film would not have been as good as it is without the desire to dabble in all sorts of different things. When it comes to succeeding in those things, it does not always work; but the fact that it tried and failed to truly embarrass itself proves that it's a worthy edition to the genre, which has grown so tired over the years that even George Romero - the man who re-invented it some time ago - has been shelling out disappointment after disappointment. The Ford Brothers take his signature slow zombies and do something interesting - although not necessarily new - with them.

The Dead is by far one of the best zombie movies I have ever seen. It is action packed and gripping. It has all I could ever asked for in a horror film. A must see for all us Zombie fans!


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