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While this isn't strictly a zombie picture, it does have zombie-like possession in it.  

While I like gore as much as the next person, this movie didn't work for me.   It seemed the gore and shock were the only reasons that this movie was made.  I did like the new twist they put on it with the reason why they HAD to stay at the cabin.  

While it's been some years since I saw the original, and this one is heads and shoulders above the original in terms of production value, I think I prefer the original.

R.J. Spears

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its fucking bad-ass movie, !! love it, have all of the evil deads on blue-ray, !!! 

i saw this at midnight opening day and the best part was after credit scene of Bruce Campbell going groovy. you need ash in this movie without Bruce's iconic b movie-ness it just doesn't work. i'll watch anything that man is in and i have. it wouldn't have been bad movie if it didn't use the evil dead name. just like the remake of robocop, good movie but comparing it the original robocop ruined it for me. i have high hopes for the new evil dead series though cause its got the one and only ash.


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