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I love all kinds of apocalyptic horror, but for this I am focusing on the Zombie genre. I use the word zombie loosely cause in a lot of these stories the zombies are not dead. That raises the argument of "zombie" book versus "infection" book. For the most part I class the two together, which is what I have done here. I left some out and will be adding some later. Please feel free to list out your own. For the record these are only books that I currently have in my possession. That is where you guys come in, list yours. Please ask away if wondering about any of these tittles. I know them well.


Living Dead - edited by John Joseph Adams
Eve of the Dead - by Nathan Tucker
The Dead Walk Diaries: Night - by Joe Young
Zombie CSU - by Johnathan Maberry
Patient Zero - by Johnathan Maberry (no zombies but sequel still rocks"Dragon Factory" and third out soon)
Rot and Ruin - by Johnathan Maberry
Rise Again - by Ben Tripp
Play Dead - by Bryan Brown
Hater - by David Moody
Dog Blood - by David Moody
Autumn - by David Moody
Autumn: The City - by David Moody

Autumn: Purification - by David Moody
Monster Island - by David Wellington
Monster Nation - by David Wellington
Monster Planet - by David Wellington
Eden - by Tony Monchinski
Eden: Crusade - by Tony Monchinski
Gospel of the Living Dead - by Kim Paffenroth
History of the Dead - by Kim Paffenroth
The World is Dead - by Kim Paffenroth
Dying To Live - by Kim Paffenroth
Dying To Live Life Sentence - by Kim Paffenroth
Thin Them Out - by Kim Paffenroth
Plague of the Dead - by Z A Recht
Thunder and Ashes - by Z A Recht
Empire - by David Dunwoody
Headshot Quartet - by Dunwoody, Snell, Sunseri, and Thomas
Day by Day Armegeddon - by JL Bourne
Day by Day Armegeddon: Beyond Exile - by JL Bourne
Dead End - by Anthony Giangregorio
The Rage Plague - by Anthony Giangregorio
Season of Rot - by Eric Brown
Down the Road - by Bowie Ibarra
Down the Road: On the Last Day - by Bowie Ibarra
The Dead - by Mark Rogers
The Estuary - by Dereck Gunn
The Undead: Zombie Anthology
Zombie Survival Guide - by Max Brooks
World War Z - by Max Brooks
Night of the Living Trekkies - by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall
Book of the Dead - edited by John Skipp and Craig Spektor
One Rainy Night - by Richard Laymon
Resident Evil: City of the Dead - by SD Perry
Jake's Wake - by John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow
Deathbringer - by Bryan Smith
Dead City - by Joe Mckinney
Apocalypse of the Dead - by Joe Mckinney
The Rising - by Brian Keene
City of the Dead - by Brian Keene
Dead Sea - by Brian Keene
The Rising: Selected Scenes From the End of the World - by Brian Keene
The Ring: Death In Four Colors - by Brian Keene
The Last Zombie Series - by Brian Keene
Blood Crazy - by Simon Clark
Stranger - by Simon Clark
Berserk - by Tim Lebbon
The Naming of Parts - by Tim Lebbon
Cell - by Stephen King
The Walking Dead series - by Robert Kirkman
I Am Legend - Richard Matheson
Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection - by Robert Twombly
Ex-Heroes - Peter Cline


Yes I stole this idea from cptn skunx - zombie killer (thanks bro)

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I do wanna check this out
I just picked up Feed, anybody read this yet? I've heard it's good. And Scat, I was going to get Rot & Ruin by Maberry, but the library didn't have it (they said they did, but it wasnt on the shelf), I think its "lost"

I know I have a topic on "Feed" already, but Im going to comment on here, "Feed" is fuckn AWESOME!! Im 6 chapters in, and cant put it down!! It is the greatest book Ive read yet (granted I dont read alot of books) but it phenominal!!!! definitely read it!!

YUP!!! CHECK IT!!! FUKKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feed is on my list for sure


I am going to order this book asap.
Feed is an  excellent book. There is also a sequel. ermm. I can never remember the name of it though......Can anyone tell me why I cant find any of the Brian Keene books?
is the sequel already out? I didnt think it was out yet...

Ok, now I must hurry up and finish FEED because I just picked up Allison Hewitt is Trapped, by Madeline Roux...it looks good, anybody heard of it (just came out this year)

Deadline is the sequel to Feed. It's currently a pre-order.
haha, ignore my previous comment...lol...yes, when is it officially coming out?


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