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Hello all, sorry I've not been on here much recently, but i've been megga busy with the launch of my second horror based novel - BEDBUGS (Can you see them?)


Like my first novel, based on zombies, this story is about what lurks in the night while you try to sleep. The Bedbugs attack silently in the dark, devouring their victims in a flash. Based on the old saying - "Night, night, sleep tight & don't let the bedbugs bite.."


Released in kindle on amazon by FANTASY ISLAND BOOK PUBLISHING...




If you haven't got a strong stomach then this novel isn't for you. I've already received messages from numerous readers, male & female, that the opening few chapters were too violent for them to read. Some managed to get past those chapters, but some just couldn't read anymore. If you look on amazon UK you will see a nice review from a reader who said to me on facebook that the opening chapters were brutal, but he was glad he read past them.


If you are looking for a fun, violent, action packed ride of a story then why not give my BEDBUGS a read!!!


Coming soon in paperback form......Also coming soon is the re-release of my zombie novel. Titled - CLIFTON FALLS - Watch out for it in May....There's an audio version coming out soon as well, plus there's a script being written.


PS - Why not take a look at my website to find out what I'm doing next...


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This was free a while back and I fucking missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scat, you can get it for free on kindle. Being an amazon prime member lets you have it for free, or ask to lend it on amazon lending programme. It's also on book lending.com


Ask to borrow it from me & I should be able to lend you it....that's if the site works......lol


Hey, Scat, both my novels are free on amazon kindle until the 28th now, so, if you haven't got it yet, then here's your chance.........


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