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post reviews on equipment you have aktually USED/OWN-you just might save someone alot of kapitalist kontrol notes with your input

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AMD-65 or MK-99(modified)

The AMD-65 has been exported to the West Bank and Gaza, as well as Afghanistan. An increasing number of western security forces, including contract employees of the former Blackwater Worldwide(now known as "XE") who are serving in the latter two countries, use highly modified AMD-65s rather than conventional 5.56mm based rifles. The combination of a larger caliber and shorter size provides better punch during short range combat. The metal front handguard lends itself well to a relatively easy refit with multiple Picatinny rails, allowing use of red-dot optics, tactical lamps and other accessories. The wire buttstock rod can be reshaped to allow use of 75-round RPK drum magazines even with the stock folded, and the weapon's internal mechanism can be tuned with aftermarket recoil dampers for smoother behaviour in full-auto mode.            

                                                                                   *deskription for wikipedia


in short one simple, effektive piece of stench slaying hardware-muzzle rise is next to nothing-VERY kompakt and praktikal-more akkurate than given kredit for-not very expensive at all ($450)-intimidation faktor very high due to the massive fireball produced when fired-VERY loud, similar to the ptr in sound (308)-HIGHLY REKOMMENDED-fitted this one with kvar rail foregrip,mako pistol grip,mako folding front pistol grip,leapers red dot sight,utg rail receiver kover-utg 2-3/4 inch rail extension,mako flashlight adapter and a smith&wesson tak light

I concure, I have that as well eccept in its origional form. I was thinking of eventually putting on the upgrades. A good medium/short range weapon. Hard hiting... and I did get some comments at the range about the flash! Made in Hungary.


870 (modified)


The Remington Model 870 is a U.S.-made pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, Inc. It is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense. It is also commonly used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.

                                                                          *deskription from wikipedia


another low kost, effektive solution to the hordes of undead and faithless alike-easy to use,easy to break down and easy to maintain-rekoil minimal-intimidation faktor high even at a glance-rapid fire not a problem-kan let 6 shells fly in 4 sekonds on target at 20 yards-to this one added ati top folding stock, mako taktikal forend,ati heat shield and a remington faktory 6+1 magazine

9mm Federal JHP 115 Grain +P+-Klassik high shok




blew apart a kows head at 15 feet(it was already dead)-inkreased rekoil and a bit more of a pop-excellent feed no jam in a whole box(out of a p89)-HIGHLY REKOMMENDED-at 20 kapitalist kontrol notes a box there is nothing to kriticize

ati top folding stock

-not bad at all but kould use some improvement in the "tab" that kovers the push deployment"-if you're too eager you kan bend it easily if you forget to depress-other than that works as deskribed-OUFUKKINGSTANDING-only setbakk i kan think of is that the shell holder is sold separate

mako AK-47 Pistol Grip Ergonomic Design Black Battery Storage Compartment

good fit-good funktion-be sure to add washer and "loctight"-123 batt holster is a little shady-removed and replaced with red dot rag and maint. kit-for the price no komplaints-some good wargear

Glock 17, 9mm, 17 rounds +1 in chamber. Overall good handgun, used it for a long time, have had no issues. Since the magazine is double stacked, the grip might feel awkward/large to those with very small hands. Standard recoil for a 9mm.

Walther PK380, .380, 8 rounds +1 in chamber. Nice compact size, fits very comfortably in my hands, those with larger hands might find it a bit small. Great concealed or back-up weapon. Good weapon, no issues. Minor recoil, quick target recovery.


if you are looking for a good gas mask for your dollar. then i recommend this one highly. you may think of me as crazy for doing this. but the way i tested this proved it to be the best by far. i sealed myself up in my bedroom totally. then i put my M-15 gas mask on and ripped lose with 5 (yes 5) DECON ROACH BOMB FOGGERS. this mask protected me without fail with the filter that came with it. a major plus to this mask is you can purchase NCB Filters for this because it has standard 40mm threads. which means it will take all NATO approved gas mask filters. when i ordered mine. i got it with 1 standard filter and 3 sealed German NCB filters for around $60 dollars. if you are interested in getting this mask set up like i did. drop a line here or on my home page or wz email. i will hook you up. it also comes with the drinking straw for canteens equipped for taking them. the canteen drink straw kit works with any two or five quart military canteen. i will soon have a review for this to. 

Remember to always test your mask for a proper seal. Once you have the mask on, tighten it snugly, then put your hand over the intake (this part will vary on different masks). If you cant suck in air, then you have a good seal. You dont want air comming in from anywhere other than the intake filter. If air is sucking in from a differnet spot, readjust the mask. Those with longer hair (or even if its not too short in the front, make sure hair is on the outside of the mask... the excess hair will prevent a good seal. This can also be an issue with facial hair. Mostly beards.
thats why i keep my beard very closely cropped. that way the mask will seal and i still get to keep my rugged good looks. lol.

Condor AK-47 Dual Mag Pouch
Holds up to four 30 round AK pattern magazines two in each pouch-heavy nylon konstruktion, built to last. 4 MOLLE system straps on the bakk, velkro and button klosure on flap-keeps mags sekure through running,klimbing,jumping and walking. Speedy removal of mags not a problem however, when open the flap kover is very large and has the potential to hinder mag changes if not placed properly on your system. No major komplaints or koncerns Komradz. Will also accept six AR 15 mags 3 in each pouch -Kommissar approved


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