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When your family’s safety is on the line, you can’t afford to miss. That’s why Advanced Ballistics Concepts has developed the revolutionary new Multiple Impact Technology (Mi3) bullet which uses Kevlar strings that unlock and expand to compensates for most, if not all, shooter error. This high-tech bullet is ideal for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

In high stress situations a significant percentage of bullets miss their intended targets. Of course this would be especially true during a zombie attack, where a head shot could mean the difference between life and death. But in addition to offering a wide shot profile, which increases hit probability, every Mi3 bullet has “Smart-Stop” technology. This safety feature acts as a “braking system” that can actually help stop the bullet after hitting its intended target.

Advanced Ballistic Concepts, a privately held company based in Colorado, is excited to introduce its cutting edge Multiple Impact Bullet, featuring Instant Expansion Technology. The simplest explanation of the company’s exclusive Multiple Impact Bullet design is that it combines the accuracy of a spin stabilized bullet, with the proven “Increased Hit Probability & Stopping Power” of multiple-projectile-shot (buckshot). This one-of-a-kind bullet technology makes it possible to achieve an unprecedented combination of Stopping Power & High Hit probability!

Originally introduced in 2011, the Mi3 bullet is set to debut at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas next week. This next generation of high-tech ammunition promises to improve the accuracy of shots fired in life and death gun battles, and might just save your life one day!

For more information including development and design information just visit the official website for the Multiple Impact Bullet online. And if you can’t make it to the upcoming conference in Las Vegas, be sure to watch the amazing video embedded below for additional details, including a demonstration of the Mi3 bullet in action!

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man this is what I'm gonna be pack when the apocalypse hits. what about all you out there? we talk a lot about guns of every kind but not enough about ammo. What kind do you use if you use any at all?

I got to re-stock my 20 gauge shells for my shotgun...Went shooting the other day and got carried away...100 rounds in less then 20 minutes...

   Right now for the shotgun I use 2 3/4 inch buckshot...Want to work on getting those restocked and picking up some slug shells for it...

   Working on getting my carry permit...Once I have the permit, I'll be carrying a Walther P .22 with lazer sight and in my drop leg holster on my right thigh I'll be carrying a SpringField XD 9mm, (In honor of a friend of mine who swore his life on them...)

   After that I will be working on getting another .22 rifle and a most likely will have to order the 9mm rifle I want and then the only thing I need will be a simple .30-30 rifle...

   But as for now all I have is the Stevens 20 gauge shotgun...Lost my Mossberg .22 rifle...Lets just say kids needing things and I was offered a price and took it...Hell, beats me trying to get the damn mags fixed...

   I have recently purchased a compound bow, which needs a few repairs, basically a new string and re-adjusted...Hey got it for $25 bucks...Bad thing about it is, it looks like one I sold three years ago...Same markings and everything...Need to pick up some arrows also...Like to get about 10 for now and start practicing again...

   Once able to, I would like to score as many arrows as possible...And before anyone gives suggestions, remember I'm on very tight budget....(LOL)

   I would love to have some of these rounds, but I'm sure these things are way out of my price range...Hell, most of the .22 rounds are WAY to expensive...Even the cheap shit is way to high....

   Nice fine though...

Yeah ammo has gotten insanely expensive lately not quite as high as it was a few years ago but still. And you dont realize how quickly you go through them. I have always been a fan of the bow its silent and the ammo is recoverable. Although not every shot will be. Depending on th3 power of your bow a missed shot can easly result in the destruction of you arrow. I also like your choice of .22 ammo. Sorry to hear about the loss of your riffle but hey you need to do what you gotta for the family right.


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