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Entry 8

November 10th 2019 - After waking up in my broke down car I realized that I had been in a wreck. Apparently I drove as far as I could north until I fell asleep and hit another car in front of me that was in the middle of road with many other vehicles. My head is still sore, thankfully I have some Tylenol left. However my stomach is telling me that I need to find some food fast. With all the pains and stiff body it was hard to move. I prayed that no one would see me and think I was a zombie and shoot me. Specially when I would moan out in pain. There were tons of cars in the road, but I’m sure whatever food stuffs they may have had are already spoiled. On the side of the road looked to be a fresh kill of a deer. There was an arrow sticking out the side of it’s neck with blood still flowing. I sat down near the deer trying to clean myself off as best as possible while I write this entry. That way if a hunter did come up to claim his kill, they would see me writing and wouldn’t kill me, because what hunter would kill a zombie that cou….

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hey dude. if you are the author of these. are you gonna publish them? they are good. keep 'em comin.

I most likely will get them published once I revise any serious grammatical errors. Going to post entry 9 up now since 8 was kinda short.

See! Everyone loves you!!!

*Pinches Cheek*

See now you are gonna be up all night wondering which cheek! :)

He is a kick ass writer isn't he! :)

yes he is. i told him. if he does not publish these. then he missed his calling.

Yep Yep... My site really lucked out with him! :)

He is writing some more now.



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