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March 8th, 2020 - Fate yet decided for those which escaped; the last laugh held between the serpents lips that grasps onto their faith. A seedless apple bears no hope of life renewed. Your garden will only hold misery as nothing grows within, no matter how many times you plow the field, the land is barren thanks to me.  It took you a little over a month to escape with your fair maiden you so loved to call Eve.  Stealing the card key from Boris, slitting his throat with your crude rusted knife that you had found outside. Oh heavens me we never saw it coming, no cameras viewing your every movement, no audio hearing you whisper of your planned escape route that you seemed to navigate with ease and little to no resistance. Oh no, you are gone and we have no clue where the vigilant couple has escaped to. Oh my, how foolish do you really think we are?  You will not even know about the indepth experiments I did process on both you and the woman.

She will bear no child of yours or anyones for that matter. All the chemicals we had pumped in and out of her body has laid waste to any hopes of that. As far as you, my experimental pet Adam. I will always know where you are, especially with the tracking device that was first inserted into your blood stream a long time ago. I let you go, I let you live. I let both of you leave with little to no fight because I wanted you to help out with my last experiment. Eventually you will go into an area populated by zombies, and when you do, when you are just about to run away from them... POP, goes the circuit inside the device and gives them enough time to bite you, infecting your body with what we've now decided to call the "Cain Virus". And when you start to turn, every second down to the last bit, will give us detailed information about how the virus works, so we may decimate it with an anti-virus. We will call it the "Lazarus Recitation", you will have cured the world, and we will become Gods in the eyes of any survivors.

I have a special gift for you, Eve. If you survive and Adam does not, I will help you have a child. I have cryopreserved all of your eggs before we unburdened you with the gift of giving life. I alone hold the key to your remaining joy of actually fulfilling your purpose as a woman. If you are to die and Adam survives...I will let him know everything I have done. Why? Because it's one thing to completely humiliate your enemy, but it's another thing to completely unearth every single thing that one could care about to the point of insanity. Plus it's a great experiment for me to learn from. I will be keeping my eyes on you two. And if you do ever come across this journal in your lifetime, I welcome the distinct pleasure of the diseased anguish that will fill your hearts. Till or if we shall meet again, let lost hopes fill your soul with soon to be broken dreams.

                                                      - Marik -

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THIS IS NOT THE END IS IT??? it cant end this way. there has to be more.

Maybe!!!! He he he !!!!!

It's the end of the first book, but things will continue with a different persons story, and things from this book will tie in with it, giving more details to who's who and why. Adam's story isn't over yet, but it's on hold for now as another story presents new oppurtunities.

okay. just dont leave me in the lurch dude. you have a loyal reader here. lol.


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