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why is that people think that if you into zombies and horror that we are freaks???

  I mean really if your into horror and zombies and things that go bump in the night  does not mean we are freaks .. I mean i dislike being called a freak just because i dress different ,wear face paint,and im into zombies (anything horror blood &guts related) that makesme a freak.. Like i think everyone has a right to like and dislike what they want but i feel its wrong to judge others.. i have been jumped  and beat just because im different and into zombies and horror and also cause im a juggaette ( whoop whoop) Tell do you think its right ??? what do you think about being called a freak? have any of you been treated this way or beat up or called names? please tell me what you feel about this? maybe im wrong or maybe its just me?

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people always hate what they don't understand, its stupid but true. anyway my love of horror is the least of the reasons for people being dicks to me in the past. but i always gave as good as i got, like the time i dropped kick that bitch into their own locker for talking shit about me in high school. hahaha!

Thats very  true.... I feel you there me too.. i was picked on in school too.. you really did that? thats funny hehehe.. i pushed a girl into her locker  and she got stuck in her locked so they had  to call fire department

the cut her out.. lol hahaha which sounds bad but she picked on me  for 2 years and i let it and then i snapped.....it was in high school too.. im glad that someone else thinks its not right....

wow that sounds hilarious yeah it was the same for me. fucker picked on me for half of high school till i did that. got high fives all the way out of school too. and they never messed with me again.

Well seems like we have a lot in common. .lol same here they stop messing with me too after I did that..it was funny...hahaha we should have been in school together ..lol we could have teamed up on the bully..lol
If we where in school together we would have been the cool kids!

Hell yea we would have been.... We would have ruled the halls....

hell yeah we would be! a lot better then the guys i ran with back in the day. nice on the surface then talk shit about you behind your back. to bad i didn't realize how big an ass hole my supposed best friend was until we got out school. loaned 500 hundred bucks and the asshole ran off with. even threatened to call the cops on me when i went over to ask for some of it so my ow family could buy food. well in the long run small price to pay to get rid of a real piece of shit.

speaking of witch i have one good memory of him that always makes me laugh, covering his car in garbage bag worth of dog shit. i had five dogs back then and three weeks to plan that revenge so you can imagine.

Well Damn that was a visual I was not ready for. ROTFLMAO!

jsut wish is til had a pic from back then lol


Damn sounds like you better off without him...We all would of had tons of fun together... beside you dont need people like that in life trust me i had to deal with the same thing too..thats why im very careful who i let into my life now..i hate two face people and liars ...

yeah i agree still flip his house of when i pass it sometimes just out of habit, I'm a bit of an introvert now, but just means the friends i do have are true ones, and count you guys among them.


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