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All of mankind has different situations in this Zombie World. Some people might be hold up in a house, military base, mansion, apartment building, or just on the run.

What What Is Your Status Right Now?

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I am kinda interested
Me, my two daughters, twelve adults ranging in age from 18 to 63, seven other children bringing us to nine, ages 4 to 13 have after many hardships and a lot of blood spilled taken up a jailhouse in the small city of NorthBay, Ontario Canada. Fortress like we enjoy a level of security not afforded the average person. We lost the outer yard when some bandits tried to lay siege to us but all they accomplished was their own deaths and the destruction of our perimeter fence.We do have a central yard that enables us some outdoor air and a garden in the summer.
The two smallest children haven't any parents we know of, a boy named Stephan 4 and a girl named Jessica 5. Martha and her husband Geoff, not having kids of their own, have taken to them. I wouldn't say it worked out perfectly because of the children losing their parents so I'll just say...conveniently.
After careful planning and a lot of hard work we successfully entered the sewer system and created a tunnel to the stripmall across the street, relieving it of all it's merchandise. A grocery store, pharmacy, blockbuster,book store and liquor store. Next mission's the Wal-Mart further down the parking lot.
The Undead seem to come in cycles. Sometimes there's hundreds of them outside. Surrounding and circling the building endlessly for months then something else takes their fancy and they move on.
This mini-prison was built in the 1800s out of Solid Granite with almost no windows giving it that hopeless fortress look. the only windows are where the offices are located though they are quite high. We make it a point to enter the offices as little as possible and to stay unseen by either living or dead.
The place was already stocked when we arrived and most of the prisoners were gone..a few undead ones in some of the ranges we dispatched. A living inmate is now part of our group along with one of the cooks his wife and his daughter. Several inmates we had to forcibly evict though only as a last resort. We went through a hell of a lot to get there and weren't about to be some NAZI trashes subjects. We killed the leadership and sent the rest on their way. We armed them and supplied them, provided them with a vehicle and the promise of death should they return. With their leadership slain I think they were more relieved than we were though.
We've mastered the boiler though electricity's touch & go at best. Our resident mr.fix-it has managed to rig car batteries to power some television sets for entertainment purposes. Our elder, Ms. Whittaker has started to school the children so their intellect is nurtured. We've conducted three successful missions into the city in search of weapons, and whichever supplies deemed essential. The fourth mission a disaster in that we lost three members of our 'Away Team'.
Samson Talbot -age 39 was a Police Officer in this city before the collapse and invasion so his knowledge of weapons,tactics and the city, have proven absolutely essential in our search missions. We have no doctor. Martha was a nurse and has been doing the job of 'Medicine Woman' quite well.We have no leader. Everything is done as a group effort with each person appointed according to their abilities.
We will take survivors in as we can realistically house as many as one hundred people. Though the logistics involved with regard to feeding and caring for that many people means we aren't exactly looking for them. I want to say life is good though under the circumstances that sounds terribly arrogant. God has provided for us though.

I will keep you updated.
I am holed up in an old plantation house in Alabama. I have three other survivors with me. We have a sturdy barricade seeing as there are few windows and solid oak doors, and we have plenty of food and water (a well being located just down in the cellar). Aside from that, I am the only one who can really use firearms, and we only have My .45LC Colt Anaconda along with 123 shells. Hopefully help will come; We need more guns. I lost my rifle in a fight with a horde, and I fear these shots will soon run out.
hold up in an internet cafe....windows have bars across them and the drop down security door is pulled down.
i have the internet, coffee..and snacks...an the undead wondering around outside.
i is not going nowhere fer a bit!
I am in the mall with my wallet that contains, $8 and change. I am unarmed and surrounded by zombies. The stores are locked and so are the exits. Most of the objects in here are too heavy to lift, so far I am only surviving by hand to hand combat techniques and melee weapons such as a chair. Damn... I wish I knew this was going to happen I would have brought my sword, but it hangs on my bedroom wall. My house is well over a mile from here. Things look pretty grim right now.
I am currently stuck at the mall, and i just ran into my friend vincent, he stuck there too, the only weopons i have is the two knives i carry on me all the time. One of them is about 5inch modified combat knive, the other is just a 4 inch switch malistic battle knive,got it from my gramps when i was like five. Well im stuck here at the mall and well i blew up all the cars so theres a huge fire outside stopping the rest of the zombies from getting in, but now i cant get out. Vinny and I are doin alright by ourselves but it would pretty nice if we had some back up. Im about to go to the cell phone store in the mall and call up my friend morgan, gonna see if he can help us out. Its gonna be hard to get there because that part of the mall is all the way on the other side so i think im gonna be stuck here for awhile.Vincent needs to learn that chairs are not good weopons. Im glad the mall has wifi and that i have my iPod touch on me, labtop is to big to be running around with.
Do you wanna fight our way to Walmart cause i am sure their are no zombies at Walmart. If not we can fight to home depot no goes in there anyways dead or alive.
i was on my way home when the zeds hit. at present i am holed up in a motel on the ground floor. the outside windows have bars in them set deep into the brick walls and at the moment all i need do is defend the door to the hallway. i have a few restraunts in the area, a couple of tobacco stores near by, even a small mom and pop type grocery store if i need to raid for food. at the moment i am safe. phones are still up so i know mom and dad are fine for now. zeds ain't made their way outside the county line yet. i got to get back home. dont know how i will do it but you know what they say. "NEED IS THE MOTHER OF ALL INVENTION". and right now i am in need. being i got a CCW permit, i got my trusty XD9 on hand and three 16 round mags for it, two 50 round boxes of ammo for it, and my scavinging backpack i wear everyday with my needed medications. i see right now there is an abandoned Humvee outside thats not surounded yet or on fire (told ya need is the mother of invention). so my palns are this.

1) make sure ALL clips are loaded to the max.
2) before going into the hallway, make sure its clear of zeds
3) make my way across the street as fast as my legs can carry me to the Humvee
4) secure the Humvee and make my own road home. screw all else. my family is in danger!

but before i impliment this suicide mission, i am gonna rest for a few minutes. mom and dad have my cell number so they can call me if the zeds make it their way. i got to get out of here. i got to get home! may god help me and have mercy on my fellow man.
well. now here i am. got rested up. clips are loaded and ready to rock. now its time to make it to the humvee. so far like before i went to sleep, the way looks clear. or is it? i noticed a few more dead bodies laying around then there were before. did they try for the hummer and fail? if so, are the stenches using the hummer as bait for trapping food (us)? i think i will stand back and watch for a spell. in the meantime, i shall use my day pack to raid for supplies. if i am gonna be here for a while, i will need a few things. i got my cell phone and a way to keep it charged. good thing to, the phone lines themselves are down for the count. thats also okay because i know for a fact the cell network still runs. so i still have a means of talking to my family. i got them a cell phone just last week when the world was normal. DAMN!! lost track of time. two young people. a man and young lady just tried for the hummer! they were tore down just as they got to the bumper of the damn thing. they are still screaming now (poor slobs). all they wanted to do was live. like me. but the question was answered. they are using the hummer as a form of bait. so now i need a new plan, one that means i get home to my family. they need me. but first things first. supplies. there are a few guns laying around outside the lobby of this motel. i will grab a couple of them first. as much as i hate to, i will grab an M16 and as many mags as i can carry. looks like standard 20 rounders but beats nothing as long as they dont jam. well, here goes nothing. be back in a few (i hope).

got the rifle and ten clips and a bayonet before they spotted me. so i am now locked in my motel room again. the door is blocked so they cant get in. thank god they are not very strong or i'd have a real problem on my hands. alls good considering. now that they are gone, i am going for supplies. i need food. i got plenty of water. i can even break open the pepsi machine for a little variety. stuff is like piss warm chongo though. but fluids none the less. now for the main objective. food! behind the motel i notice a little "mom & pop" type store there. a lot of cover to get to it. so with my day pack on and my new M16 (yyyuuuuccckkk!), so its off to the grocery store i go. maybe i will luck out and find a well loved and more dependable AK47 around there. doubt it but one can pray and hope, right? wish me luck. again.

got the food. had some trouble inside though. seems the clerk was bitten and turned while trying to keep the place. had to put him down as well as four others there that turned after the clerk did and made a snack out of them. got me lots of goodies. made a call to mom and dad when i got back. all is safe there for now. an occasional stinker. but dad has a good Winchester rifle and plenty of ammo. the place itself is well supplied with food to. so they are set. as for me. i grabbed a few more mags for this piece of shit M16. refilled the mags i used. and now to try for that hummer in the lot. i figure if i take it. the stinkers cant use it to get their meals with. will keep ya posted on this next suicide mission.

ok yeah that would be smarted, at least i can get some more knives maybe we should check the pawn shop down the street, i think i saw some nice daggers in there before


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