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Ok so today i want to know what your favorite zombie movie is and why??? well im going to have to say mine is the black and white night of the living dead because its a classic and also because it was the first zombie movie i ever saw...this is the movie that start my long love of zombies...Im so hooked now ..Zombies are my favorite and I am working on my own zombie movies  that i am writing  now ..So tell me whats your favorite and why??? cant wait to hear all about your love of zombies....

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well i love the original NOTLD too but for my favorite i think ill have to go with the original Dawn of the dead, it just ramps up the zombie action to a whole new level while adding in black humor and awesome Romero social commentary.

Very well put  and I agree with you ..Its on my top ten list of must see zombie movies..

same here

see i told you we have alot in  common..lol  ZOMBIES RULE!!!!

never doubted it lol, zombies forever

We would be side by side kick some zombie ass.....

hell yeah you can count on me and my axe.

cool.. you and your axe and me and my hatchet...lol it will be our bloody wonderland ......hehehehe

sounds good to me well make it rain blood!

You took the words out of my mouth.

who took the words out of your mouth???

i think it was me


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