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Hey All,

A quick post to let you know that War against the Walking Dead has just been published through Severed Press. Not only is this learned site & forum mentioned in the book, one of our brave
Komrades contributed a chunk of content as well.

The book is really a handbook for the upcoming war - we all have survival guides but this addresses what we do next? Say you survive the initial outbreak, how do you organised the fight back & take the country from the rotting claws of the dead?

There's a foreword by Eric S Brown & interviews with more zombie fighting experts than you can shake a shitty stick at from the US, to China & Australia.

It also includes detailed guidelines on creating a zombie busting militia army & how to deploy them in the z-war as well as guidelines on creating a post-apoc airforce etc.

Anyway, if you check it out, let me know what you think. Finally, thanks for all the support & contribution from this forum.


Cheers for now








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I will order my copy ASAP Thanks!

Thanks mate appreciate the support.....it also contains a terrifying new theory of ghoul spread - that is how zombies will move & cluster once z-war starts.....


Have you been able to forecast any future zombie clusters?

The Artwork look amazing! Great Job Komrad!
BALLS! YOU BEAT ME! LOL. i just now got through emailing all my friends and family last night and was going to post here tonight after closing shop. lol. but yes. as Sean has pointed out.its in stands now. i cant wait to get my copy. a lot of my family have already bought it on amazon.com and await theirs. my wife to be is so excited to see mine. she is hoping it gets to me soon before i leave ohio so i can bring it with me on the plane.
Congrats Komrad I will have to add this book to my collection!
Yeah - all of the contributors our own Rhino has the biggest section & most quotes. For his area, I needed an expert. I haven't assumed that your post zombie apoc army will have a stack of firearms but I need a good overview of the best hardware if it was available....that's what we got here....I always envisaged your zombie bashing squads having maybe 1 or 2 guns per crew.....
i just got my copy today. brother, you out done yourself. this book is very well put together in knowledge and content. speaking of content. you forgot to tell me something. you forgot to tell me that Wicked Zombies was listed as one of two zombie fighting networks in the USA. that is so awesome. i just want to say thank you again for letting me be a part of this project. you are a good man. a great writer. and an awesome Komrad. welcome aboard.
I just placed my order and I am so excited to get my hands on This book! 
Thank you, your order has been placed. 
An e-mail confirmation has been sent to you. New! Sign up for delivery updates by text for this and future orders.
Order Number: 002-6023113-3021028

Indeed, getting to know the folks on the forum, I believe that wickzombies members will emerge from the rubble to lead to war against the walking dead. Knowledge will be a major assets & we go it.

In other news (!) stay tuned for an official theme song to the book......I'll preview that on here first :o)

your kontribution is rekognized Komrad-karry on
I love that picture. Give me the torch, give me the torch!


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