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I'm not really sure what's going to be happening next...

   The wild and feral instincts in which they have lived by for so long now has or will be mentally tearing out there hards because now they don't have to be always on the run...

   I think Deanna and Rick will end up having a falling out and she'll try and banish the group and that's when our group will stand and take the place...But then again, Carol has become really dark and twisted and I find that totally hot...And Daryl seems to be finding a his little nicth in this new place of safety...

   But that's just one view...(LOL)

I think instead of Rick's group needing to distrust and fear the people of Alexandria, the people of Alexandria probably need to fear Rick, Carol and co. I certainly wouldn't want our group to lose their humanity and become a Woodbury or Terminus - it would be hard to root for them anymore.

But I think the threat to both Rick's group and the people of Alexandria will come from outside by whoever is carving W's into their victims. These "Wolves?" are certainly in the vicinity and they have to be a factor at some point. And don't forget Morgan is out there too.


Whenever they leave some alive that they should have killed only bad things happen...

That's true-it reminds me of Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. Those Wolves are most likely going to be a future threat to Rick and everybody at Alexandria. Maybe Rick and Co. and the townspeople can turn the tables and set up booby traps around the perimeter of Alexandria just like the Wolves did. I'm hoping Glenn saving Nicholas doesn't come back to bite him, but ultimately helps to redeem Nicholas. And I hope Father Gabriel surviving will also not backfire at some point. I'm just happy we didn't lose any more major characters-it's been a rough season 5. At least Pete getting his was satisfying. And hopefully Morgan will stick around for awhile too.

I wonder if the wolves are just those 2 guys. Probably the ones the drove off Alexandria. But where is the lady that was with them?

Yeah, it's hard to believe that just two guys could do all that damage. Those hacked up bodies and "W" carved foreheads seemed like the work of a whole gang of marauders. If it's just two guys, that would hardly seem to be much of a threat to Rick and the gang, especially being protected within the walls of Alexandria.

Yes but they could be back with a vengeance. They know the layout of Alexandria and they could just be waiting for the right time to attack. The W may just be a scare-tactic to make them look stronger then what they really are. They seem to have the booby trap situation down packed!

Welcome to Alexandria Morgan! Aaron must have told him how safe and cozy it is. HAHA!


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