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holy shit you shaved! lol...well, I hate to do this man, BUT first off, he wasnt on pcp or anything, the only drugs they found in his system was weed, and we all know that weed wont make you do that, 2nd, he practiced cannabilism before? I havent heard that, and I find that hard to believe, and finally, he was shot only 5 itmes before the 6th shot killed him...not trying to be a dick, just want to make sure you have the facts strait, but yes, this story is definitely cause for concern, as much as they want to sweep it under the rug, they cant...theyre initial story about he was high on "bath salts" fell apart after the toxicology report, so now they dont know what to say, so theyre trying their best to ignore it

I know he was on Bath Salts, I Didn't know that till after, I made that video its been on the back burner and Not had been uploaded, I say made that video a Month ago or longer

no he wasnt on bath salts though, thats the weird part about it. Thats what they originally said, but the toxicology report confirmed that was negative...so a sober person does this? theres something missing to this story...I know that since this happened, there have been a bunch of related incidents where the people were in fact on bath salts and similar drugs, to they all get lumped into that category, but this particular incident, the catalyst more or less, this guy wasnt on any mind altering drugs...so wtf made him act like this, he even growled at the police and continued eating

He was drunk and did have marijuana in his system, but I know for a fact that mixing alcohol with bud does not do that to someone. I agree they are keeping information from us, there have been so many weird reports around since the Miami thing, like some people getting a strange rash. From what I've heard Bath Salts have made people very aggressive, but seeing how the Miami man wasn't on any someone is hiding something. 

and not one word about the missing lab machines used to test contaminated brain tissue that were stolen prior to the first incident. it came out that they were testing a human form of mad cow disease with that stuff and scheduled it to be disposed of after extensive decontamination was done. and that stuff was stolen just blocks away. as long as that stuff is unaccounted for. there will sure as hell be another incident. i can promise that.

Im dont know what to make of it. could be a zombie, could be a crazy guy who found his trigger. Vampires and Werewolves are already accepted medical conditions, why not zombies?

Lycanthropy and Porphyria would not account for what happened. and the whole growling thing is like one in a million when it comes to bath salts. and neither one of these accounts how a man could take five solid hits before the sixth one dropped him like a stone. what we seen there was just the beginning. there will be more of it. trust me.

These people are just straight out nut jobs! Thanks for your thoughts bro. 


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