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i dont know about you buddy. but i dont condone ANY form of addiction be it drugs like pot or cocaine or even alcohol. it just pisses me off to no end when these bleeding heart fuckers call a addiction of ANY KIND a fucking disease!!! DISAESE! YEAH RIGHT!!! like you can get an addiction to DRUGS or ALCOHOL by sitting on a nasty toilet seat or by someone sneezing in your face! nobody held a gun to their head and yelled "SNORT OR DIE BITCH!!" when it came to drugs like cocaine. and when it comes to alcohol. PFFFFT! PLEASE!!! same goes for that. nobody put a gun to their head and yelled "DRINK OR DIE MOTHER FUCKER!!!" so answer me this. why the fuck call it a disease? they need to round up all the drug addicts and alcoholics into FEMA CAMPS. brand a number to the addict foreheads. then scratch off their number as they are boiled ALIVE into a greasy black sludge. then the sludge dumped into all the empty oil wells and left to cook by mother nature for a while to end the fossil fuel shortage! instead of wasting money on funding rehabs that seldom ever work. put those funds to the mass boiling project and put the addicts to good use. AS OIL OR GAS FOR OUR CARS!!

i guess you did not hear the part where i said that i was not telling people to do drugs when i said do pot before doing crack i said in the video that drugs was bad

oh i heard ya. i just dont agree with ANY drug abuse or alcohol abuse. period. lol

i love ur blogs :) they make me smile from ear to ear!! i think crack heads are crazy ass mothafuckas! My brother got into crack really heavily made him do some of the worst things a human could do, he made his girlfriend fuck guys for money and he stole from my mom and her boyfriend he stole from everyone just to get a hit or two, those drugs are too harsh for me, im to much of a puss to ever try them. No thank you to them, weed i do enjoy call me a hipocrit if u will but i don do it regularly im not addicted i just like it, just like i like to drink a beer with my dinner! ne who lmfao to the don''t be a menace to society reference!! that movie is hilarious one of my favorites, pants to the knees, crazy braids comin off heads, guns, gold teeth, ghetto striotypical black men and women, hot sauce on toes.... SERIOUSLY wat is not to love about that fuckin movie lmao!! :) oh keep em comin kid keep em comin!

i never seen the movie myself so i didnt understand the reference to it. as for drugs of any kind. i never saw the need to go through life under anesthesia like that. i admit i do like a good beer now and again. but i never drink to get drunk and have NO DESIRE to even try pot much less anything else in the "controlled substance" classification. 

Like Whitney Houston says..crack is wack! Crack is cheap!


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