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cool, but what it is for? I thought maybe it was leading up to a new trailer or something...heres an interesting fact, remember the scene in the original when his mask finaly gets pulled off and his face is kind of deformed looking? Well turns out that hes actually completely normal, its our minds perception of him being evil, therefore whats under the mask must be ugly, so the way the scene is shot coupled with the lighting allows our imagination to view it like that...I thought that was cool

its not got nothing to do whit a New Movie, I made it

Oh thats chillin, I thought you found it, good job bro

The people that Did the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th Remakes, Are in Talks of doing a New Remake of Halloween

kinda how they redid another spider man? I hope these movies dont end up getting watered down cuz their getting remade so much

They won't Make a PG13 Halloween Film People won't go see And They Know that

exactly my point. you can only remake something so much. then all you have left is essence of tequila. gross. lol.

It be the Second Time Halloween Had been Remade, Now it be something else, If it been 3, 4 or Even 5 Times

but some films are just not done any justice by remakes. and with some films. even one remake can be atrocious.


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