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This game is easy, just like the Tag game we have here, we are going to try this new game,


   The Story Game: It's as simple as Tag. We ill start a story with two sentences and then someone will add two more sentences and the next person two more sentences and so on and so further...

   Only rule for this game is a minimum of two sentences per entry and no more then a paragraph (consisting of 5 sentences) per entry...

I guess I'll start...

   It's Hell on earth since the End of Times hit our world. The entire world's reality has been turned into the hellish world in which nightmares have become the new reality.

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The streets are spilling with blood. Death is in the air.

My first thought was that this couldn't be happening.  Scenes like this only come out of Romero movies, not reality.  My second thought was to run as far and as fast as I could.  The only problem was the horde of zombies blocking my path.

Questions began spinning in my head as I stare down this massive roadblock of the undead. The main question that kept burning inside of me was, Is this the end of the line for me?

The only answer was, "No."  There had to be options.  I looked to my left and saw only zombies.  I looked to my right and saw only more zombies.  With the right, left, and the front blocked, the only thing was retreat, so I took slow and cautious steps back into the pool hall wondering how I could have gotten so drunk that I slept through the zombie apocalypse.

"ME", sleeping through the damn Z-poc. All because I decided to go out with some friends and have a guys night out. Figures, the one thing I wanted to make sure I was a part of and end up missing the start of it. With my back pressing against the door, I reach for the door.

Fiddling with the door latch, I finally got the thing to click. The click was like a dinner bell to those dead heads. Those in front of the mass of dead and decaying flesh lunged for me. I quickly turned and pushed and the door stopped short from being half opened. 

I sucked in my gut and pressed my body into the narrowing opening, going for it.  My head and shoulders made it through the gap, but then my over-sized belt buckle caught on the door and it was like I chained to a boulder.  The undead came at me, groaning and slobbering.  The stench wafted my way and I nearly lost my cookies.  The gagging must helped, though, because I popped threw the door, like cork out of a bottle, spilling across the pool room floor just as the zombies hit the window, pawing at it hungrily.  

They wanted in so they could feast on my flesh and devour my insides.

But I was really attached my flesh and inners...

   It's crazy how the world turned from being frantically nuts to totally insane within just a few hours. And now that I need to get home, I can't. What a bunch of crap. It's not that the fact was I had family or loved ones waiting on me, I just wanted to get to my supplies, weapons and safety.

I wondered if in another life we kould have met differently...

Now how do I get to my family and supplies in one piece?


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