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Hello All,


I want to announce the publication of my book, The Official Zombie Handbook UK, through Severed Press. I've got a few short stories out there but this is my first book & I hope it's something a few of you will be interested in.



I'm a long-term zombie fan (if any of you at ZombieFest in the UK in August I will be there in a Mexican outfit) & spent the last 2-3 years researching/projecting/estimating & consulting on how a major zombie outbreak would really go down here in the UK.


I tried to research every angle from police & army responses to longterm hideout locations & real survival tips. Although based on the UK, I think the information will be just as relevant to any country or city with loads of people, few guns & a zero awareness of the zombie menace.


Anyway, here is some blurb & a few links. I would welcome any feedback from this learned forum.


Through pioneering research & field work, the Ministry of Zombies has just published the Official Zombie Handbook UK, which is the only government-approved guide you need to make it through a major zombie outbreak in this country. It includes :-

  • Full analysis of the latest scientific information available on the zombie virus, the living dead creatures it creates & most importantly, how to take them down..
  • Details on the threat we face - the lighting quick infected, sluggish ghouls, undead dogs, zombie prawns - your questions answered by the top scientists in the murky field of zombiology such as Dr Khalid Ahmed..
  • Everything you need to implement a complete '90 Day Zombie Survival Plan' for you & your family including fortification, foraging for supplies & transport in zombie Britain
  • Detailed case studies & guidelines on how to battle the living dead, which weapons to use, what we can get here in the UK & how to survive in the long-term....





I'd very much welcome your feedback, you can also follow things on my website :-







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Hey all,


Thought you might be interested to see this video review of the book, brought to you by the power of the interweb...



Also, I'm privilaged to announce that one of our own Komrad's has been brought in on my new project as a special advisor so stay tuned for that...




i can not wait to see your latest work brother.

This is very interesting!

We needed someone who knows zombies. We needed someone who knows guns. There was really only one board we could come to & only one man for the job :o)


Cheers mate & I'll be in touch ;o)

i wonder if we know them personally?? the suspence is killing me. i wonder when we will hear who helped? lol.
is that true Sean? lol.
Rhino has clocked up over 100 zombie kills. He was the only man for the job..!
You wish Komrad Miho!
thanks Joy. lol.
Miho..... you ruined all the fun and mistery to it. lol.

Hey All,

I’m running a competition to say thanks to all the people who’ve supported The Official Zombie Handbook UK, which reached No 1 here in the UK on Amazon in zombies & vampires over Christmas.

I’ve put a fiendish pack together which I hope all zombies fans will like. It includes:-

  • A signed copy of The Official Zombie Handbook UK
  • A ‘brick yourself scary’  Zombie Handbook t-shirt
  • Some signed pages from the original script
  • A signed copy of Dead Worlds 7 which includes my mental story about the flying corpse
  • A few other bits thrown in like severed fingers that kind of thing
  • Some things I found in the loft to bulk up the prize

If you’re interested, there isn’t a naff hard question – all you need to do is email me on the address below & say ‘I want that crappy prize’ or something similar.

And don’t worry; I won’t be selling your email unless something offers me a purse of gold.

Anyway, thanks for all the kind words folks have sent already. Email me at:-


& say ‘I want your crappy’ prize.

Believe me, you wear that t-shirt into work or school & people are going to think you are rock hard. I’ll do the draw at the end of the month.


KOOL i want a crappy prize!


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